Sunday, August 03, 1997

Greetings from J-List August 3, 1997

Greetings from J-List! We're back in Japan, after our incredible travel ordeal. It took us a total of 20 hours from door to door, but it's over now, so we can let it slide back into the past.

It's so nice to be back in Japan, even though it's hotter and more humid than perhaps the entire USA except for Washington DC. San Diego has many things on this place, such as lower cost of living and great weather all year round, but being here in Japan, with its heat, its $2.80 cans of beer, and its lack of California-style transportation to zip you around town, but there are things about living in Japan that America can't touch. In a few days the Isesaki Matsuri (Festival) will start, and everyone will walk around town in their yukata (cotton kimonos) and enjoy the sights and sounds of the festival. There will be fireworks and everyone will drink "mugi-cha" (a tea made from barley) and Chinese oolong tea. The pizzas might cost $15 for a large with cheese only and $28 fully decked out (this is for one, and "large" here isn't what you would expect if you're coming here from the U.S.)

Great update for you, partially as our thank-you for being so patient while we got back on-line here. There are new magazines (Beppin School and a few others), great new CD ROMs (CD ROM Choice, Windows 100%, Mac 100%, and more), Video CDs (a hot new Aida Momo VCD, some panst items, and more), and of course about 20 newly released videos. There is something for everyone on the page now

We will be updating the site over the next month, trying to make it work faster. I am always interested in input from people about how the loading speed is, etc. Thanks, and see you later.

Thanks for reading this. If you're waiting for an email reply from me, it will be along soon.