Thursday, August 28, 1997

Greetings from J-List August 28, 1997

Hello all, from Japan at two in the morning. My Newton, a 500 ml can of Sapporo Black Label, the Twin Peaks soundtrack in my stereo and I are updating the web site with the day's new arrivals. On the magazines and photo book (shashinshu) pages you will find many new magazines (Dela Beppin, Video Boy, Don't, and more), tons of shashinshus (note: they are all "one shots" so when they're gone, they're gone), etc.. Several of the shashinshus we got in are idol books

August is slowly drawing to a close here in Japan, as the season for cute girls walking around the festivals in their cotton yukata kimonos ends with it. You can mark the seasons in Japan by watching the beer commercials -- the "Autumn limited edition" beer commercials have started, which means that my favorite season, koyo (the season when all the leaves turn red), is coming. This is the best time to be in Japan.

Well, goodnight, all!