Tuesday, September 02, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 2, 1997

Happy September, everyone. We're celebrating by adding to new magazines to the magazine page (good place for them): Weepy and Panstopia, both recommended for fans of panty stockings, skirts, peeing, and that sort of thing. Ahem.

Also, the JAST USA homepage has been updated, with lots of new information, more free downloadable pictures for fans of JAST's interactive games for adults. I hadn't gotten around to doing a major update in nearly two months, so I have tried to make the page look good. Improvements include no frames, thumbnails, a large amount of information for anyone interested in acting as a dealer or distributor for our software titles, faster graphics, and more. The URL is http://www.jastusa.com.

Japan is absolutely galvanized by the news of the death of Diana. News shows abound showing footage from the wedding, the car after the terrible accident, interviews with people asking how they felt when they heard the news, and so on. Diana was very popular here in Japan, although there is a large cultural barrier in understanding why the British people chose to drag someone they should theoretically love and respect through the mud every day? I hope that the idea has been put forth to organize a boycotts of the magazines associated with her death. What a terrible, terrible pity.

Well, that's all for now. See you on the J-List page.