Friday, September 12, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 12, 1997

Good evening from J-List on this lovely Thursday night/Friday morning. We've just completed a massive update for you, so please enjoy browsing through the new items we have just posted.

First and foremost, J-List now carries Japanese toys, on the newly re-christened Toys & Anime page. Thanks to many requests from J-List readers, we were able to find a good distributor of dolls, toys, puzzles and other interesting items down in Tokyo. We have selected some very nice items for you, including large figurines of anime shows (Ayanami Rei, Shiori Fujisaki, Lum, and more)

Other new items include a large number (24) of new videos on page 1 of the videos page, a large number of new regular magazines (the new Urecco & Milky Tsushin among them) on page 1 of the magazines, many "one shot" magazines of rare and hard to find items on page 2 of the magazines (including the infamous "wriggling labias" Urecco issue), and many (the most we've ever had in our history, actually) new issues of Photoshot, Big 4, Megashot, and others, on the photobooks (shashinshu) page. There are tons of great items, so please check out the pages. Fans of Tohno Natsuko

The Japanese magazine FAQ has been updated, finally. You can find the link to it from the top of the Japanese magazine pages. This is especially good for people who don't know much about Japanese adult magazines.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks, and see you on the web.

Tuesday, September 09, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 9, 1997

Lots of neat stuff for you on the J-List homepage. First of all, we've got new dojinshi! Four new books, and lots of copies of each. Included are the excellent Night Song of the Sakura and A Harvester be Known as Death (which were on the list for a few minutes during the Great Dojinshi Feeding Frenzy of last month), as well as two new titles, Sakura no Fubuki and a great item for Final Fantasy VII fans, Limit Break. See all of these on the dojinshi page.

Moving right along, we've got new magazines, including new issues of Sakuranbo Tsushin and Milky Tsushin, Panst Freak, Video Boy, and more. Fans of hentai art will enjoy the new Fantatajenne, as well as CD ROM Collection vol. 7 and 8 and a dynamite new item, CD ROM Choice Deluxe, a great oversize edition of the excellent CD ROM Choice that is similar to the Fantajenne CD ROM editions in the massiveness of images (over 1000).

Chiharu and I took in the End of Evangelion movie last night. While I enjoyed it, I have to say it gave me the creeps. Picture the freaky weirdness you felt when watching Akira for the first time, when Tetsuo morph into an old man, then into a baby. Picture that creepy weirdness amplified over two hours, and that's what the End of Evangelion is. On the plus side, many great "classic" Gainax scenes, as well as many good, rewarding deaths, although this is the most wantonly violent piece of Japanese animation you will ever see (don't show it to someone who's not used to the genre). If anyone knows of any homepage providing an explanation (and/or an English translation) I'd appreciate it.

Japan continues to mourn Princess Diana. Television specials about her life and death are on nearly every hour of the day and night, and the newscasters reporting on the official funeral in London do so wearing black, with bouquets of white chrysanthemums arranged behind them. Above the flowers, a picture of Diana happy, smiling, in Japanese tradition. I can't imagine anyone whose death could have affected so many all the way in Japan as Diana's.