Saturday, September 20, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 20, 1997

Greetings again from J-List. We got a big surprise today -- a huge load of boxes from our supplier in Tokyo. We now have more many nice magazines on the magazines page for you -- lots of great ones, like Beppin School, Bejean, Dela Beppin, and the new Suppin, which features the ever-popular Akira Fubuki in excerpts from her great shashinshu. Everyone should walk, not run, to the magazines page (1).

There are also many excellent items still on page 2 of the magazines, including lots of rare "one shot" magazines that we only have one copy of, as well as many magazines which we're selling at very low prices so we can get rid of our stock. Also, the shashinshu page has many issues of Endless, Big 4 and Photoshot available for you.

Thanks, and have a nice weekend.

Friday, September 19, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 19, 1997

Good evening. We've got a big update for you today, with lots of great issues of Big 4, Endless and other high-quality shashinshu-style magazines on the Photobook (Shashinshu) page. Magazine fans should check out some of the "one shot" magazines on the magazines page (mostly on page 2) -- there are some great rare issues on the list, items that probably won't be back again. Finally, there are some great new magazines on page 1 of the magazines page, including the very rare and very popular Peke.

I have updated my personal homepage. Links and information is organized into three areas: "Life in Japan or Things I Want to Show You", My Newton and "Macintosh Stuff I Think is Cool." Anyone interested in computing on the road, especially in Apple's excellent Newton Messagepad 2000 and eMate 300 computers, should see my review of the Newton OS ( as well as my page of screenshots of various Newton applications for people who want to see how the Newton OS looks in action ( The Newton is a useful small computer that can go for 24 hours straight on four AA batteries, and blows away any laptop for portability and chic. Word processing, web browsing, email, and a host of other area of computer work great on it. Check out my pages if you're curious about how the Newton works.

Over the past two weeks, J-List has been experiencing a problem with our credit card service, which delayed a few people's orders. I'm happy to report that our problems have been resolved, and we'll be able to process all orders normally. The only change anyone using credit cards with J-List will notice in the future is that your report will read JAST USA instead of J-LIST. If you had an order with us within the past two weeks, you will be hearing from us within 12 hours or so. Of course at no time was anyone's credit card numbers in danger of being compromised in any way -- we just lost our credit card access because our former bank got cold feet dealing with an "adult" site, but we're back up and running with our new bank. Thanks for everyone who helped us out.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 17, 1997

Hello again, from 1:15 Wednesday morning, here in wacky, fun-loving Japan.

We've got twenty or so new videos for you on page one of the adult videos section. There are many nice new videos by Madoka Ozawa, Akira Fubuki, Aida Momo, Aonuma Chiasa, and more, including Madoka Ozawa's sayonara video (gasp!). Also, there are additions to the Toys page -- a new line of action figures from the popular Final Fantasy VII game. Finally, there are some new dojinshi on the dojinshi page, including the summer release by Zatoichi. Enjoy all the new items.

Also, we're having a sale on the Magazines and CD ROMs pages. We have tons of magazines on the magazines pages that are causing stocking problems, so we're going to get rid of them as quickly as we can before building up a lot of new stock. On the CD ROM front, we've gone through and taken a good stock of everything , and lowered prices while we did it. If you're interested in the excellent CD ROM Choice, CD ROM Collection or Windows 100% series of CD ROM & magazine combinations, we've got a lot for you. A lot of items that had been taken off the list beacuse they were out of print are still available, at least until our current stock is gone.

Now that we've got the Special Editions of the Star Wars movies on video here, Kazuki won't let us watch anything else. He is beside me right now, as I type, humming his 2-year-old's rendition of Darth Vader's Theme and playing with a TIE Fighter. It actually got so bad that we had to go buy a VCR to keep in the J-List office, so Kazuki could watch his Star Wars movies in here, and give his mother a break. His favorite toys are the little Jawa action figures, which we bought at the recently-opened Toys R' Us in Ota, a city near us.