Friday, September 26, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 26, 1997

It's been a short week -- can't believe it's Friday already. Tomoe and Kaori are helping finish up the day's invoice as I type these words. I have to go though, since Fifth Element finally started playing here in Japan, and I've got a date with my wife to go see it.

We have some nice new items on the list before the weekend. First, there are new dojinshi, including more copies of the popular Final Fantasy VII dojinshi, Limit Break. Also, two series Utena/Lamune series that appeared on the page after the last Comiket are back. New magazines and CD ROMs round out our weekend offerings -- enjoy browsing through the new items.

My computer setup has gotten one step cooler. I got a second monitor, and hooked it up to my Macintosh. Now I can have the Windows environment on the 15" monitor and my Mac setup on the big 20" -- it's fun. I am putting in as many hours as I can into JAST USA's third release, Runaway City. Look for it sometime in December.

Thanks for supporting J-List. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 24, 1997

Sorry for the update, so soon after yesterday's. We got some stock in unexpectedly and didn't want to wait to add them to the list.

Kaori and I have been having far too much fun than should be allowed. After a long day of answering email (we get about 100 or so a day here at J-List, after the spam is filtered out), we decided to see how Fubuki Akira would look with a moustache, funky eyebrows and a gotee. Turns out she looks pretty silly. See her messed-up face on the J-List main page. (Ms. Fubuki was not permanently harmed.)

We have some new items on the J-List homepage for you today, mainly on the magazines and photobook pages, and on the Video CD pages. Panty stocking fans will enjoy some of the new "deluxe" shashinshu-style items we have on the list, and fans of classy, erotic photography will enjoy the new photobooks. If you love Aika Miura, as so many do, you will certainly enjoy her new Video CD release, Immoral Hospital. Have fun browsing the J-List homepages.

Are you associated with a shop, catalog or online retailer, or distribution-related organization? J-List and JAST USA are interested in talking with you about products that we can provide, starting with JAST USA's line of anime-style interactive role-playing games for adults. For more information, please see the newly updated JAST USA dealers' page ( or email me for more information.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Greetings from J-List September 23, 1997

Hello from Japan again. I had a nice trip to Tokyo on Saturday night/Sunday, and had a nice "power lunch" at the Imperial Hotel, the most famous hotel in Tokyo, at least to my knowledge. On my way back through Shinjuku (I always swing by Kinokunia, the best English-language bookstore in Tokyo), I was surprised to see a lot of busty, cute Japanese girls with tight, bright-red shirts that had AOL on them. It seems that America Online is making a big push into Japan. Finally, I went into the Saturn Dealer that recently opened up in Shinjuku and got their pamphlets. It's cool to see the Saturn sales pitch done in Japanese. Still, we liked driving my mother's new Saturn wagon while we were in the States

We have some nice items for you today. In addition to more copies of the popular Hotel 1957 Tohno Natsuko CD ROM, we have an even cooler item, the Beppin School CD ROM edition, vol. 4, which has Tohno Natsuko, Aonuma Chiasa, Ikegami Misa, and two other lovelies, in addition to games, movies of these girls

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Japan, Shuubun no Hi, also known as the Autumnal Equinox, also known as the first day of Autumn. The first days of Fall and Spring are national holidays here in Japan, which always seemed to make sense to me.