Saturday, October 11, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 11, 1997

J-List is happy to present one of the finest items I've ever seen -- Akira Fubuki's newest shashinshu, Impressive. It's a good word to describe the soft beauty and erotic colors used by photographer Yamagishi Shin to record the many faces of Ms. Fubuki, who is fast becoming the No. 1 AV actress in all Japan. Sexy and sensuous, Akira-chan is one of the hottest women to enter the business. I imagine the 10 copies we currently have in stock will go very quickly.

The new Ureccos and Creams are going quickly, although there are a lot left in stock. Be sure to check them out, and remember about our sale. You can save yourself some money and get a nice bunch of magazines in the process. Enjoy our very large selection.

There is a big change in the J-List homepage files today, even though you may or may not notice it -- it's one of those technical "under the hood" HTML things. The graphics images that J-List uses now have their sizes referred to directly in the HTML text, rather than before, when they used the "UseImageHeight" and "UseImageWidth" tags. The end result is that the J-List pages should feel much speedier to users of browsers such as Netscape, which require the image sizes to be specified before they can load in the surrounding text. Many thanks to K.G. for his help and to Marc Boon, creator of GifScan 2.2. As with any change to the J-List's pages, I welcome feedback from you.

I have to plug the Mac, here. A very nifty system-wide scripting tool called Applescript was used to enable Filemaker Pro to talk ask GifScann to poll the 8500 graphics files we've got in the J-List database and get the height, width and size properties. It was accomplished in less than two hours, once I had the script set up. If we tried to run J-List with Windows PCs, we would not have access to any of this great stuff. Long live the Mac for being so easy to use. (Applescript is also used for the creation of all email here at J-List.)

Today was a holiday in Japan, so we took Kazuki to Kezoji Park, a large amusement and park that we happen to live near, for the annual Open Air Concert. It's put on by a local company that rents studio time to bands, and was a chance for small bands to play in front of an audience. (Note: some of them were awful.) We had fun, and Kazuki got to play to his heart's content. October is a nice time for sitting back with a beer, talking with friends, in Japan.

Friday, October 10, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 10, 1997

Today was a Good Day. First and foremost, my Powerbook G3 show up -- ah, the joy of being "edge, even if for only a few months. The speed and power of this thing is incredible, though, consdiderably faster than all the 200 mhz 604e desktop Macs here at J-List.

But today was a Good Day for one other reason. For the past eight months, my wife and I have been working hard to get permission to build on a patch of land my Japanese family owns. The land was previously zoned as agricultural use" land, in an area that, for reasons of tradition and silly local politics -- could not be built upon. Finally, though, after many months and pulling of strings, permission to build on the land has been granted. This means that J-List will be moving out of our current small three rooms and into a medium-sized two-story office building sometime around May of next year -- a welcome change for all of us. This step has been the dream of my wife and I for most of the life of J-List, and we're taking everyone here out for sushi on the weekend. We couldn't be happier.

We have some nice new items for you today, mostly on the anime/toys page, where you'll find the GERWALK version of the great Macross "completed model" (really a detailed, moveable toy). Three different versions of the GERWALK Valkyrie are on the page. Also, you can see a slew of new models from Gundam, Macross and Macross 7.

Also new to the page are -- more magazines and shashinshus. We've got two new issues of Girls, a Big-4-style high-quality magazine, as well as a few Beppin Schools and more. Also, the cat-like Kitahara Rina has a softcover "mild mook" nude shashinshu on the photobooks page -- enjoy them.

Thursday, October 09, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 9, 1997

Well, tomorrow is another holiday here in Japan -- "Taiku no Hi", aka Sports Day. Alas, the Internet knows no holidays, so I'll be here tomorrow working on the email, although we're taking half a day off to take my son Kazuki to the zoo in Kiryu (where Japanese singer Shinohara Ryoko happens to be from, if you follow Japanese pop music).

We have some nice items for you this evening. First of all, the new Ureccos and Creams are in -- and they are great, so go grab your copy now. Since we're still having the buy-3-get-1-free sale, you can get a nice little bargain. The other new items are dojinshi, about 15 one-shots on the dojinshi page. There are some excellent Sailor Moon dojinshi as well as many others, so check out our offerings. In general, tons of magazines remain, so take a look and let me know if there's anything

Remember that the deadline for ordering calendars is only two weeks away. The first batch of calendars should start coming in by the end of October, and rest will come in in November. Don't forget that these unique calendars would make great gifts for that Japan-loving friend of yours (especially Fubuki!).

Well, that's all for now. Take care!

Tuesday, October 07, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 7, 1997

Lots of nice items for you this week, including the new Fantajenne, the new Milky Tsushin, the new Gal's Shower, and a nice new edition of the All Pasocom CD Soft Catalog. Of course the buy-3-get-1-free special applies to these new items as well as everything else on the list, so check out the magazines pages now. Other new items include new manga on the manga page, some dojinshi that were thought to be sold out, and more.

Magazines continue to sell fast. Remember, when ordering, it's best to give alternates so we can process your order without delay.

My Newton Pre-Buyers' Guide ( has received a major update. If you want to see what computing with a Newton is like, please check it out.