Friday, October 17, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 17, 1997

Greetings, programs. We have some nice items for you just in time for the weekend.

Fans of high-quality Japanese erotic items have a lot of celebrate today. Yuki Maiko's new shashinshu, Idol, is not available at J-List on the shashinshus page. Also, fans of the lovely Fubuki Akira will be happy to see we have more copies of her great hardcover shashinshu, Impressive, available as well. Other new items include more copies of the excellent CD ROM Choice Deluxe CD ROM, the new Second Half of 1997 Fantajenne CD ROM Forever Version, and other assorted goodies.

I have a friend coming up from Shizuoka Prefecture tonight. We studied for the Japanese Ability Test (the Japanese text that corresponds to TOEFL or TOEIC in the U.S.) together. We're going to drive into Maebashi and go to our favorite restaurant, Yukara. This is a sort of cult among college students in Maebashi -- it's open from 11 pm to 5 am, and serves the most delicious, fattening Chinese food. Despite the odd hours the store keeps, the Master never has a shortage of customers, we have waited hours to get in. I think I will have the Sweet n Sour Pork tonight.

Well, enjoy the new items on the page, and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 16, 1997

Nice little update for you today. You can find some great new items on the magazines and shashinshus pages -- principally the latter -- as well as new dojinshi and more. Fans of Aonuma Chiasa or some of the classier Japanese AV gals should certainly take note. Also, Aika Miura is in the new Nessha Boy, on the videos page (page 1).

We also have, for fans of Japanese adult videos, lots of new "b" videos on page 5 of the videos, items that were never paid for or that we ordered extras of. There are tons of videos that are ready right now, and all have free SAL shipping. Please check out the page if you think you're interested in some great Japanese AV action.

The videos recently added to the page (page 1) are selling very well, and Aonuma Chiasa's AV video "High School Chiasa" has broken the J-List single-day sales record. Be sure to swing by and see the new offering we have for you.

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 14, 1997

It's a great day for Chiasa Aonuma fans. Thanks to the efforts of two readers bringing it to our attention, J-List has secured her video, High School Chiasa, for our videos page. This title represents Chiasa-chan's debut into the world of real AV -- in other words, she's gone from being a beautiful nude model to being a full-scale AV figure. Some might balk at watching Chiasa doing something that would make her father cry with with strange men, but I for one look forward to seeing her in action.

We have a ton of great stuff for you today. In addition to *29* great new videos on page one of the videos pages (including two by Ms. Aonuma, new entries by Fubuki Akira and Madoka Ozawa, a bizarre and interesting title for Miura Aika fans, and much more), we have new magazines (Sakuranbo Tsushin. Gal's Dee and more) and a new deluxe All Pasocom CD ROM soft catalog, which features three CD ROMs packed with photos and Quicktime movies. Lots of neat stuff, so check it all out.

We've had a lot of activity here at J-List today, with tons of videos going out daily. I'll be in Tokyo on Tuesday, Japan time, following up on a new distributor lead (it's a secret, but let's just say it has to do with something J-List is always selling out of). If you're waiting for an email reply from us and it doesn't come right away, hold tight, we'll get to you.

Remember, the deadline for ordering calendars is drawing near. You can still order past the deadline date, but the chance that you won't get that Ultraman calendar you've got your heart set on will go up.

Thanks, and have a nice day!