Friday, October 24, 1997

Greetings from J-List October 21, 1997

Hello from Japan. We have been busy here, but now it's time to update the site and go out to one of our favorite restaurants, Miya, a steakhouse. (Yes, there is steak here in Japan...)

The first calendars are in! Yes, the first batch of 75 or so calendars are in, and customers whose calendars are ready have been notified by email. It was our first chance to see the insides of some of the calendars, and I really must say that the Fubuki Akira calendars, the Shin Bishojo Densetsu and the Madoka Ozawa items are all truly lovely, with the inside pages as good or better than the covers. I urge you to order your copy soon -- since the deadline for ordering is just a few days away. They are truly high-quality items.

J-List's email replies will be slow over the next few days, for two reasons. The first reason is, I am taking Kaori, Tomoe and my wife on a bunch-deserved "shain ryoko" (company vacation). We're headed to Kusatsu, on the other side of the prefecture from where we are, to a nice onsen (hot springs hotel). Usually onsens are very Japanese places, where you wear cotton yukata and eat very Japanese-style food, while drinking beer and sake and bellowing out songs on the karaoke machine. The place we are going to is a pension, actually, so the food is western. I will have a report for you all when we get back.

The second reason is, my grandfather has died, and my mother is flying from San Diego to Ohio for the funeral, so credit card processing will be delayed slghtly. My grandfather was 78, and died of a brain hemorrhage after a long chain of strokes, so we are all frankly glad he has finally gone on to a better place. Incidentally, he was the only member of my large family to oppose my marrying a "Jap" -- I never held it against him, of course, since he did fight in World War II, and everyone is entitled to a little narrow thinking sometimes.

Thanks for checking out J-List, and see you again soon!

Greetings from J-List October 24, 1997

Greetings from Japan on this Friday evening. My wife and I are going to go see the hit Miyazaki movie, Mononoke-hime (Princess of Beasts?). We always go on Fridays, since it's Ladies' Night at the big American-style Cinema-o-rama in Ota, and my wife can get in for just $10. I, of course, pay the full price of $18 for myself. Living in Japan has its drawbacks, but we're happy to have a theatre that has showings past 7 pm...

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have two new Final Fantasy action figures by Bandai, Legendary Soldier Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine, and they look really cool. The bad news is that we have received official word that the figures are out of production and will not be coming in. So everyone who ordered the Tifa Lockhard, Cloud and Aerith Gainsborough action figures and is waiting for our backorder to come in is going to be disappointed. Everyone who was waiting for the figures will have received an email from me, but if you have any questions, please let me know. I apologize for not being able to get these for you -- but that is Japan for you. FF was released here in Japan about 6 months ago, which is why the products for it are disappearing now. Eva fans should note that Evangelion toys and other items will start disappearing now, so if you like, say, the deluxe Ayanami Rei dolls we have on the anime/toys page

We have a lot of nice items in stock and on our various pages for the weekend, so please take a look at them and let me know how we can serve you. Remember to check out the calendars pages (as well as the anime, JPOP and magazines pages, where some of the specialty calendars have been put to reduce load time), since the official deadline is tomorrow!

Thanks for supporting J-List. We'll see you on the web page!