Tuesday, November 04, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 4, 1997

Hello on this lovely Tuesday evening in Japan. First and foremost is a CD ROM for Mac or Windows full of great shashinshu-quality photos of the popular Internet Queen Senna Matsuda -- second only to Tohno Natsuko in terms of popularity and the scarceness of items about her. J-List is proud to have been able to bring this sexy woman's fine work to you. Since this is a CD ROM & magazine combo item, of course it falls under our current buy-3-get-1-free sale -- so you can snap up this great item, along with three others, and save yourself $25 or more in the process.

Other new items in today's update include the new Fantajenne magazine for hentai fans, new issues of Milky Tsushin and Sakuranbo Tsushin, and a really nice hardcover shashinshu by the publishers of Photoshot.

Remember the calendars page is still up, and has many great items, extras that we ordered mostly. Ozawa Madoka's large calendar is especially lovely, as is Mizutani Kei's wall calendar as well.

Tokyo was a blast, as always. My friend from Shizuoka Prefecture and I did the standard bar- and restaurant-hopping in Roppongi, enjoying $8 Coronas and $12 frozen marguitas. One side-effect of living in Japan is, you cease to have any idea was money is actually worth, which makes spending $150+ eating/drinking rather enjoyable. Note that this is Roppongi, arguably the hottest drinking area in Tokyo, so don't make the mistake of thinking that all Japan is that bad. (By comparison, a 12-oz can of Asahi in my in-laws liquor store is a mere $2.80).

Pardon my Newton evangelism for a moment. There's a new Killer App in town for the Newton, called WebXpress, by PenTekk Software Technologies, which lets you download web pages, with graphics, into NetHopper's buffer, automatically. It can load sub-links, too, allowing you to, say

Interested in reading more about some of the magazines J-List sells? The Japanese Adult Magazine FAQ has been updated slightly, so check it out if you haven't seen it. (http://www.jlist.com/adult_faq/faq.html)