Friday, November 14, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 14, 1997

Wow, I'm tired -- new updates to the J-List homepage, three days in a row. But I'm really happy today, because we've got some really great items for you today. As most long-time J-List readers hopefully know, I only carry items on J-List I can be personally excited -- even evangelical -- about, from the standpoint of spreading great Japanese stuff all around the world. This is why I am pleased to tell you about the new toys we have gotten in.

First, to commemorate the upcoming Christmas season, J-List has a whole slew of great Japanese toys available for you. Newly added items include Tsukuda Hobby's line of 1/6 scale Evangelion figures, the new Sentimental Graffiti issue, Sakura Wars potable "finished models, more Evangelion mecha toys, Rayearth figures, and the finale -- large, hard to find figurines for Nadia and Maison Ikkoku fans.

We have more than just toys, though. There are new videos added to the Video Warehouse, including copies of the popular PER193 Perfect Collection video, in stock and ready for you to snap them up. Some of the videos we've gotten extra stock in of have begun to sell out, so if there is anything you want to claim, take some time and check out our video offerings.

Finally, there are new items on the Adult Manga page, great new issues of Fusion's excellent Evangelion Sexual Anthologies, Paradise Lost and Angelic Impact. If you don't know what Fusion's dojinshi anthologies" are, they are compilations of the best Eva, Sailor Moon and other adult manga stories, and they feature high-quality adult stories with great artwork and writing. If you like Fusion's stuff

Thursday, November 13, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 13, 1997

Hello again from Japan. It's a real mess around here as we continue to sort through the mess cause by the sudden delivery of tons of stuff here at the J-List office. There just are not enough hours in the day to do what we need to do then tidy things up at the end of the day. In better news, I have gotten the official word that the X-Files premier video is speeding on its way to me right now. Hurry, X-Files tape!

We have a fistful of magazines and shashinshus for you today. In addition to new issues of Urecco, Cream, Beppin School, Photoshot, Be Back, and many more, we have some cool new shashinshu items for you, including more copies of an item we had on J-List about 8 months ago (the busty Hosokawa Shinobu's "Barefoot Girl"), new "mook" style shashinshus, and more. It's a nice way to enter a Friday

Be sure to look through all the magazines pages, as prices are falling all the time, and we're trying to push the last few copies of some of our books out the door to clear out our stock room and reduce load time for the pages. You can get some really good bargains. Also, I ask again that you take a moment to look through the calendars page (there are still many great calendars in stock, including Ozawa Madoka's excellent nude calenar) and CD ROMs page (buy three, the fourth is free).

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 12, 1997

Having a nice Wednesday? I am tired out from all the events in the week so far. Yesterday I had to dash to Tokyo on business, and today I had another "special lesson" in front of 20+ Japanese elderly people, in which I discussed life in Japan for a foreigner, my daily customs, and the like. Now that I have all those special projects out of the way, I can roll up my sleeves and cut through the backlog of email. Sorry if you were kept waiting for a reply from us.

We have some nice items for you, mostly replenishing the supply of magazines and shashinshus that were sold out. Chiasa fans should certainly check out the photobooks page, and we have some more magazines, too.

We did have one unpleasant surprise: the PER201 and MV133 videos have 75% duplicated content. I have notified everyone who has ordered both items, and removed PER201 (although some back ordered videos will no doubt come in). We've never printed an official policy on this because there have been so few cases, but in the even that two videos you buy from J-List ever did have the same content (it has happened 5-6 times in the past year, so the odds are low, but not zero) we will take care of it, since we stand by what we sell in all things.

Please check out the CD ROMs page! There are tons (well, hundreds of pounds) of great CD ROM magazines, like Windows 100%, CD ROM Collection, CD ROM Choice, and the All Pasocom CD ROM Catalog. These CD ROM & magazine combos, which frequently have hundreds of pictures and dozens of Quicktime movie clips of different AV models doing, well, what you'd expect them to be doing, already represented one of the best deals anywhere on J-List

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 11, 1997

Big changes here at J-List. First and foremost is the official division of our videos pages into two sections, the Video Catalog, offering a wide variety of excellent Japanese adult videos available through our Japanese distributor (read: it will take time to get your order in, but we have great selection); and the Video Warehouse, a large collection of in-house videos which can be snapped up immediately -- although, as always, quantities are limited to what we have.

I'd like to make a new paragraph to tell you how happy I am to so many copies -- dozens in many cases -- of some of the most popular videos we've ever had at J-List. Great videos, by the likes of Aika Miura, Fubuki Akira, Ozawa Madoka, and yes, we even have 20 copies of MV133 Chiasa Aonuma hard-core video (I have, ahem, verified that it is hard core after all, now that my wife has gone to sleep -- damn it's a trip seeing Chiasa do this). I am aware that the lameness of our current video distributor setup causes delays for many people that I consider unacceptable. Hopefully, our new "stock a lot" policy will prove to be convenient for everyone. Still

The other big news is that we have tons of new calendars on the calendars page -- the rest of the extras we had ordered have come in, and there are some great items available for you, including more Fubuki Akira and Ozawa Madoka posters, more beautiful models like Henmi Emiri and Sakai Noriko, Japanese JPOP and idol calendars, and more. In addition, many of the calendars' prices have been cut -- see the calendars page now.