Saturday, November 22, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 22, 1997

Well, I am off to Tokyo again on Saturday, this time to the illustrious Imperial Hotel, for another fun day of being a businessman in Japan. It beats teaching English conversation.

My, those new dojinshi didn't last very long, did they? Twelve hours after posting the new items, all but a few have been gobbled up. If you are interested in dojinshi, though, don't let that keep you from checking out the page. We reduced all prices on our stock yesterday, so that we can make room for new items.

New to the list tonight are several new items on the list, including a new issue of MPEG CD Soft Catalog and Windows 100% vol. 8. These are top-notch CD ROM items that are made even better by the buy-3-get-1-free sale that is going on this month. Buy three items from the CD ROM page, and get a fourth one free.

Let me pontificate about these CD ROM/magazine combo items for just a moment. Basically, items such as CD ROM Collection, All Pasocom CD Soft Catalog, Windows 100% and the MPEG CD Soft Catalog are "stiffened" magazines containing one or two CD ROMs in them, protected against bending or breaking. Great "sampler" items, they typically include dozens of adult Quicktime or MPEG movies -- often nearly an hour of footage on a CD ROM -- 200+ adult photographs in JPEG or BMP format (i.e., you can use one as your desktop wallpaper if you like), some sample "hentai" games (in Japanese), and more. Items of a slightly different genre, items like CD ROM Choice and the Fantajenne CD ROM Magazines give you hundreds of sample adult anime images from various popular adult anime games

Personally, I like these CD ROM items and make an effort to carry a large selection, because they provide such an excellent value. The latest MPEG CD Soft Catalog, for example, gives you a cool sampling of Japanese AV, an hour and 58 minutes of total footage, plus an all-color magazine, all for just $25 -- compare with J-List videos, which mostly sell for $45. The CD ROM Choice series gives you hundreds of current, top-quality images -- much better than spending hours downing hentai pictures off of Usenet and finding they were all from a game that came out in 1989.

Other items we have on the list in time for the weekend include a few new magazines, and (ta-da!) more 'b' videos! So make sure you browse through the new stuff.

Well, that's all for me. Got to get back to work.

Friday, November 21, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 21, 1997

Hi from Japan. I just got back from my favorite restaurant, Kawashima's, where I had a great meal of Chicken Katsudon Teishoku, a kind of fried breast-of-chicken fillet which you put on rice and eat with a delicious sauce that is called "sauce" (soosu) in Japanese.

It is, I am happy to say, Dojinshi Time around here. We have about 30 new dojinshi on the J-List dojinshi page today. These are, without exception, one shot dojinshi, items that I have only one of. There are many older items, dojinshi that you will likely not see around again, like classic Ah My Goddess adult comics, Ranma 1/2 items, Video Girl Ai stuff

When checking out the new dojinshi, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page, since we've slashed prices on almost all the remaining stock we have (some as low us $6!). We have literally hundreds of dojinshi, and they can all go out to you in a day, so check out what we've got, along with the new prices.

Other cool items include a Whole Big Bunch of new magazines and shashinshus, including the popular Super Mini-Skirt Deluxe large magazine, a mess of Photoshot issues, and many more. And make sure you stop by the calendars, toys, and VCD pages to see the stuff we put up yesterday if you missed it.

While I'm evangelizing about dojinshi, I should mention how much I like the Fusion "dojinshi anthologies" which you can find on the "adult manga" page. These are basically collections of great Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and other dojinshi that have been reprinted by the publisher. They are great ways to get a lot of dojinshi stories for cheap, and since they're published by a large company, we have tons available and can reorder them anytime we fun out. Finally, the depth of the stories found in these books are truly excellent, and I enjoy reading them myself -- those explorations of the Eva characters are really interesting. Now that J-List sells the Paradise Lost, Angelic Impact and Lunatic Party series in sets at reduced prices, it's a great way for you snap up a whole set.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 20, 1997

Another week is speeding by, as we continue our fast-paced life in Japan. Can you believe we'll be done with 1997 in less than 6 weeks?

I have some really nice things for you today -- starting with more high-quality Japanese anime toys. The newest line is a re-issuing of Macross toys and models by Bandai, Sega and some other companies. We have the first three in a series of Battloid "ready models" (really poseable, full-featured toys), and they are absolute must-haves for anyone who ever loved Macross or Robotech. Roy Fokker's Skull-1 is staring at me as I type this, and every once in a while I pick it up and reenact Roy's death in the Macross movie for Kaori's benefit.

Besides these Battloid figures, we also have models (two Macross and one Gundam so far) -- really excellent items that anyone interested in the genre should love. A word about the models. I have avoided breaking into pura-model (plastic models) up til now because, frankly, I know very little about the genre. Many great models exist, including models from various anime shows and more, and frankly, J-List will be able to provide them at quite reasonable prices. If you are knowledgeable in the world of Japanese model kits, I would appreciate some advice or comments -- thanks.

In addition to the above items, we have a bunch of new magazines and shashinshus, including more copies of that darned Erotic Flower hardcover photobook that keeps selling out within 24 hours of me getting more copies. There are also some new Video CDs on the VCD page.

Finally our Thursday update offerings include a massive reduction in prices on the calendars page. Not only have we slashed prices on the in-stock calendars $5-$15, but we'll pick up your shipping (an extra $5 savings) and even throw in a free mailing box if you get two or more. Why are we practically giving away calendars? Well, the main reason is that we love you all, but along with that is the obvious fact that no one wants a calendar that they can't enjoy looking at every month. Help us out and check out the calendars page -- thanks.

A brief note to California residents: J-List will no longer be collecting CA sales tax, and will be issuing refunds/credits for any sales tax collected since May 1. This is because we will be organizing J-List as a Japanese corporation, not as a California one, as we had previously planned. We have made an attempt to contact everyone who has a refund coming, but if you have not received an email from us, and/or have any questions, email us. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 18, 1997

Well, I have to get to bed tonight so I can get up and Do Tokyo again tomorrow -- I am really learning the trains and subway lines by heart these days.

My wife and I finally got around to seeing the "last" Miyazaki movie, Mononoke Hime (Princess of Hairy Beasts?). It was very nicely done, with a good story, excellently executed animation, and all the classic Miyazaki themes. Check it out at a theatre or video store near you. This movie has out-grossed even E.T., the previous #1 movie here in Japan, to become the biggest money-making movie, Japanese or American, here in Japan.

We have some nice new items, including some new magazines (the "new" issue of Suppin is really great), another copy of the Lewd Flower hardcover shashinshu, and ... anime and JPOP CDs! Yes, it's been a while, but we have about 12 new JPOP and anime CDs on the anime and JPOP pages. We still lack a supplier, unfortunately -- these are just some ones I came across. On the other hand, they items we got are great, including Gundam and Nadia soundtracks, and more cool stuff. As always

Other items of interest include calendars, in-stock videos, and anime toys, which we have tons of. Also, the buy-3-get-1-free sale on Japanese CD ROM & magazine combos such as CD ROM Collection, CD ROM Choice, and more, continues! Thanks, and enjoy your Tuesday.