Thursday, November 27, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 27, 1997

Hello, J-Listas, on this lovely Wednesday evening.

There are several nice items for you today, including two great new Video CDs by Saegusa Miyu (fast becoming my favorite AV gal, for her technique and her imagination -- see the VCD page for more information) and yet another new entry by the popular Aika Miura. Added to the VCD page update of a few days ago, this makes for some really killer products. To make room for the new title on the page, and to reduce load time for everyone, we have knocked down most of the prices of the VCDs that have been on the page for a while. Scroll down to the bottom for some bargains.

In other update news, we have a bunch o' new dojinshi on the dojinshi page, including several new offerings by the Rocket Brothers, the circle that made the popular Limit Break (Final Fantasy adult dojinshi), including another FF7 dojinshi, Shojo B (Girl B). As usual, we are pleased to be able to increase our selection of these fine items. We even have quantity this time.

Finally, remember that the CD ROM special will end in another few days, so hurry and check our selection of CD ROM & magazine combos. Items like CD ROM Choice, CD ROM Collection, Windows 100% and the All Pasocom CD Soft Catalog are all included in the offer. I truly believe that these items, with hundreds of pictures, up to an hour of Quicktime movie footage, sample games, and a free magazine, represent a massive value

My daughter has turned one. In silly J-List tradition, I have posted photos of her birthday part at .