Wednesday, December 03, 1997

Greetings from J-List December 3, 1997

December is here, and that means the Winter Comic Market -- the massive Dojinshi fair that powers the whole dojinshi craze in Japan -- is going to be here soon. Which means we're going to get lots of dojinshi in. In order to make room for them, we're having a sale on the dojinshi we have in stock now -- up to $7 off almost everything in our stock. Please check out the dojinshi page now. Incidentally we do have about 15 new dojinshi that we just got in -- including some really cool ones. Take a look.

We got a nice bunch of new calendars in for everyone -- nice calendars like Amuro Namie and Henmi Emily, more copies of the popular Amuro and Fubuki desktop calendars, and a bunch of the deluxe Evangelion wall calendars. They are great, although frankly, I am worried that we have over-ordered -- so I have put all the new calendars on the list at low prices. In addition, we'll still pick up all shipping for the calendars. Please help us out by checking out the calendars page.

Other than that, fans of Aika Miura should not fail to check out her new shashinshu, which just came in, too. It is a darn nice book...

We got a phone call from our local post office, who loves us, by the way, since we give them so much business. They have asked that we hold all outgoing mail to Canada until the strike is resolved. We'll let all Canadian customers know as soon as we hear anything on this end -- hopefully the strike will be over soon. I imagine there will be a lot of disappointed kids in Canada this Christmas otherwise...
Well, it's my bed time, so goodnight for now. Have a nice day.

Sunday, November 30, 1997

Greetings from J-List November 30, 1997

Hello out there in the world. It was a rainy Saturday here in Japan, with lots of cold drizzle. A good day to turn up the "fan-heater" (a kerosene room heater) and get an update out to you.

We have a bunch of new odds and ends for you on the magazines and shashinshu pages, many of which are replacements for items that have sold out (Chiasa fans take note). Beppin School, Photoshot issues, more copies of Be Back and others are among the updated items.

Two of our best selling CD ROMs, The Borderline Collection and Dream World, have been discounted $5 each, making them great Christmas buys, or whatever. These are collection of "dojin-soft, collections of erotic anime-style pictures created by two different circles that also create dojinshi. In each case, the images were released on floppy disks over the course of several years. We've purchased the rights to these two collections (of course we do everything 100% legally around here), and issued them on a dual-platform CD ROM for you -- uncensored, of course. Check these two items out if you're interested.

Also, please note that we are just about to the end of November, which means the end of our buy-3-get-1-free CD ROM offer. I have pushed the offer enough to you so far, but let me say once again that it is a great bargain -- choose three items such as CD ROM Choice, CD ROM Collection, the All Pasocom CD ROM Soft Catalog, and the like, and get a fourth, free. I will honor orders up til Dec. 1st, Japan time (to give people in other time zones the full month of November).

Well, that's all for now. See you again soon!