Monday, December 15, 1997

Greetings from J-List December 15, 1997

Lots of new items for you today. First of all, we have twenty or so new videos on the "Video Catalog" page. These are for-order videos that can be ordered through our distributor. There are some dynamite choices, including all-new Aonuma Chiasa, Ozawa Madoka and Kanazawa Bunko videos.

Moving right along. we have new magazines: the new Bejean, which features Akira Fubuki and many other lovelies, and the new Best Video. These are excellent examples of high-quality Japanese magazines, which are very popular for their excellent photography and models.

Finally, an announcement: since we still have too many dojinshi, I am declaring a "buy-3-get-1-free" sale on all of the dojinshi we have in stock right now, effective starting now and going through Christmas Day. This applies to all the dojinshi, including the popular Rocket Brothers works, Look Out/Okachimentaiko, Choccola, all the rest. As before, choose four dojinshi, and least expensive of them will be the "free" one. Shipping is charged normally

Thanks for everyone's understanding and support regarding my father's funeral arrangements. Your warm words have meant a lot to me. We should be back up with the credit card processing by the time you read this.