Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Greetings from J-List January 28, 1998

Today was a big day for all of us at J-List. It was the day we had the local Shinto Priest (who is a friend of my mother in law's) come and perform a Shinto purification ceremony in preparation for the J-List office that we're building. I've been nearly a year that we've been trying to get permission to build on our land, which was designated as "agricultural land, so this day meant a lot to us. It was interesting to watch the ceremony -- it reminded me of the last episode of Blue Seed, if you're familiar with that anime show -- and so I made a little page of digital photographs, accessible from the J-List front page. Check it out, of you're interested in Japanese religious ceremonies.

We've gotten in some new items today, including more copies of the excellent Bishojo Syndrome adult dojinshi anthologies. Like the popular Lunatic Party, Paradise Lost and Angelic Impact series, Bisho Syndrome are dojinshi anthologies" -- collections of the best dojinshi stories that are republished in a high-quality "wide version" manga book. We've got all four volumes of Bishojo Syndrome back in stock, and we've even got a money-saving "Bishojo set, too.

The other big news we have today is -- dojinshi! Yes, we've gotten in another Big Batch of Dojinshi, and we've posted them to the homepage. There are about 50 new titles or so. There are some excellent items in today's batch, so take a look at what we've got. As usual, we recommend that you hurry and list alternate choices in case the ones you want are gone.

We're closing out many of our CD ROMs, so if you've got a moment, please swing by that page and take some of them off our hands. For the price of a back issue of Urecco you can get a CD ROM & full-color magazine, hundreds of digital photos and Quicktime movies, game software, and more. We need to make room for

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Greetings from J-List January 27, 1998

Hello, from a very cold Japan. Kaz and I just got back from the local sento, or public bath. The place we go to is large, with six different baths: scalding hot, medicinal, strong and medium jets, you name it. I'm glad that Japan has such cool father-son customs. There's a Japanese word to describe what a parent-child relationship should strive to attain -- "skinship." Japan is a cool place sometimes.

I enjoyed watching the Superbowl, although trying to watch football with any non-North American (my wife in this case) is never easy. We Americans don't realize how difficult the rules are to outsiders. This was my first Superbowl watched entirely with Japanese announcers, and it was surprising how well it worked.

We've got a small update for you today -- a new issue of the popular Panstopia, and some new in-stock videos on the Video Warehouse pages. Also, there are new CD ROM items on the CD ROM page. That's all for now -- thanks, and take care.