Saturday, February 07, 1998

Greetings from J-List February 7, 1998

Well, another Friday has come to Japan, and today it's Mika who's out sick. Kaori and I are both coughing a lot, though. I hope the flu passes up by quickly.

Well, Japan is getting ready to host the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. On a map, Nagano is right next to Gunma, although in reality, it's quite far for us to drive. Given the massive numbers of people, the special high rates for everything from hotels to trains, and the excellent TV coverage, we'll be happy to spend our Olympics at home.

There are some new magazines on the list this weekend, including a new Milky Tsushin and "Sakura Ekisu, the successor to Sakuranbo Tsushin. Both are excellent for fans of sexy women with long legs that go all the way down. Remember to check page 2 of the magazines for extra special bargains.

We've also got, ahem, a few dojinshi for you today. About 100, actually, including some really nice ones (the Touch one just slew me). As usual, I recommend that you give a list of secondary choices when making an order, as items to tend to go very quickly. Be sure to check out the closeout dojinshi we've got -- they're going for practically nothing.

Incidentally, a lot of people have asked, so I'll re-iterate: any DVD that J-List sells will be compatible with your DVD players, regardless of where you are. There is a country lockout" feature built into DVD, which allow the makers to make a disc that will only play, say, in Asia -- but it's up to the makers if they want to use them or not. All the discs we sell are verified to be for "ALL" regions, so there will be no problems with the disc not playing in your region.