Saturday, February 14, 1998

Greetings from J-List February 14, 1998

Just got back from seeing "The Game" at the Cinema World Ota, the American-style large movie theatre that my wife and I go to nearly every weekend. A great flick, truly -- I recommend it.

Saturday is Valentine's Day here in Japan -- as everyone who has played Season of the Sakura knows, it's a day when men can expect chocolate from their girlfriends, wives, daughters, etc. Kaori brought me chocolate versions of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet (she's got a thing for Whinnie the Pooh). I hope you all get some chocolate, wherever you are.

Nice new items for the weekend include a bunch of new magazines, including Gokuh, Dela Beppin, Panst Love, and a new one, Lucky Crepe. Also, we have some new photobook-class items on the shashinshus page. All very nice, so take a look at the magazine and photobook pages. And don't forget to browse the new "in stock" videos recently added to the Video Warehouse.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Greetings from J-List February 11, 1998

Well, the flu still has us all down, but Kaori was able to crawl into work for the first time day this week. Unfortunately, the flu has slowed down the speed with which we get packages out the door. We'll do our best to get caught up by Friday -- sorry for any inconvenience.

The Nagano Olympics are progressing nicely. It was nice to see Shimizu take gold the men's speed skating. It means so much to the Japanese to have the world looking at them during this time. Since much of Japan's actions as a country over the last 150 years can be traced to wanting to be seen as an equal among other nations, getting this kind of attention really makes everyone here happy.

We've got some nice new items for you today -- tons of new "in stock" videos, which can be found on the Video Warehouse pages. Miura Aika, Uehara Ayaka, Wakana Sena, Kanabun and more -- all in stock now and ready to be ordered with no waiting. There are about 75 new video in all.

Well, that's all for now. I've got to get back to bed so I can finish getting over my own flu. Have a nice day!