Saturday, February 21, 1998

Greetings from J-List February 21, 1998

Wow, February is more than a third over already. Winter is really slipping by.

There are about 200 new videos posted to the "in stock" Videos Warehoue pages today -- lots of great items, with a bunch of popular videos by Hitomi Ryo, Fubuki Akira, Yuki Maiko, Kanazawa Bunko, and many more. If you've got time, please check the J-List homepage for the new items. Be sure to check out the magazines, photobooks, and Video CD pages, which have also been recently updated.

I've got a Talking Newton now, courtesy of the Newton Text-to-speech plug-in, available from Apple (or email me if you can't find it). It's cool -- I'm having some mailing list email read to me by the Newton while I write this now. With the recent price cut to $749 or thereabouts, the Newton Messagepad 2100 is a Truly Great Thing, a true friend that I could never do without. If you'd like to see screenshots of Newton applications and my "how I use my Newton" comments, please check out the Newton Pre-Buyers's Page, at Cyber Outpost ( has them, if you're interested. The Newton is one of the most compelling things I've ever been a part of, so I hope you check out the pages.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Greetings from J-List February 19, 1998

Hello out there in The World. It's late Wednesday night as I write this, and a tall 500 ml Asahi Super Dry is keeping me company. Wife Chiharu is taking notes on what she has to go tomorrow. (Since we're a Japanese company, she gets to handle all the Japanese red tape.)

We're proceeding with our plans to build an office again. After a careful search of suitable companies, we were going to go with Toyota Home (yes, Toyota builds houses here -- what a wacky place). At the last minute, we found a small but reliable company that looks like they'll suit our needs better. Let's just hope they don't go belly up, too.

We've got some nice items for you tonight. First, the new Urecco is in, and it is lovely -- especially for fans of Fubuki Akira. New issues of Gal's Dee, Milky Tsushin, and Sakuranbo Ekisu are also in -- and all are great. Finally, there's a new Miura Aika Video CD on the VCD/DVD page, which presents clips of videos from various points in Aika's long career -- which makes for some interesting viewing. Check out the new items if you have time.

Also, be sure to check the CD ROMs page, page 2 of the magazines page, and the "in stock" video pages for special bargins, as we close out items we're trying to clear out. Thanks!