Tuesday, March 03, 1998

Greetings from J-List March 3, 1998

How are you all? Today was took the entire J-List office apart and put it all back together, trying to organize things better.

Well, it seems that financial reality has forced Apple to halt further development of the Newton OS platform. It's sad to see the coolest new computing concept to come along in years come to an end, but it's not that bad -- my Messagepad 2100 should last me a few years yet. I'll be continuing my Newton Pre-Buyers' Guide, so if you'd like to see what real applications on the Newton OS look like, we're still at http://www.jlist.com/peter/newtonrev.html. Prices should start falling on new and used Messagepads and eMates, and people tell me my page helps them visualize what using the Newton would be like before they buy.

We've got a bunch of new items for you tonight. First, there are four new magazines on the magazine pages (Jo Mag, Cos-Play Mag, Mr. Max and Dela Beppin), along with several older issues of items we came across.

The second item we've got for you is the long-awaited third release of JAST USA, Runaway City. It's not shipping yet, but should be by April 1 (hopefully sooner), so we're going to open pre-orders officially. Order now, and be the first on your block to have the game -- save $5 on shipping for pre-ordering! Because this is a pre-order, the recommended payment method is credit card. We'll hold your order without charging it until the game is ready to ship, just in case.

That's not the only new anime role-playing game for adults we've got around here, however. A new company from Japan, RCY America, is also dedicated to bringing the best "hentai" games from Japan to the world. Their premier release, Nocturnal Illusion, will be shipping along with Runaway City -- and J-List's got it for you. A wonderful interactive game for Windows 95, we're happy to be able to bring this to you. See the English game and CD ROM pages for more information!