Thursday, March 19, 1998

Greetings from J-List March 19, 1998

Another update for you all, on this fine Thursday morning. We've got a bunch of new items, including more copies of Super Mini-suka Deluxe, the popular softcover photobooks Clover, Tsugumi, Sentimental, and more. Be sure to check out the Magazines and Photobooks page -- and see the cheaper close-out items on page 2 of the magazines page as well, as there are a lot of items we're closing out.

The JAST USA homepage has been totally redesigned and updated, with new information on all our games, character background and other information, a "Visual FAQ" that gives more information on the "look and feel" of interactive anime role-playing games, and more. Please stop by and see our new format.

Also, my grandmother, Virginia Larson, has published her popular book, How to Write a Winning Proposal in both digital and conventional formats. A proven book with information on business proposal writing that was "most likely to be stolen" from public libraries (because people were loath to return the book). The digital version of my grandmother's book is $10, and J-List will give $10 off anyone making a $100 or greater purchase if you pick up her book (i.e., you can get her book for free). See the Classic House homepage at here. My grandmother is 79 years old and just tickled to have her book on the Internet. Please see her homepage if you're interested in the field of business proposal writing.