Saturday, March 28, 1998

Greetings from J-List March 28, 1998

Hello again. We've been busy all week, which is why there haven't been any updates. We have a big one for you now, though, with lots of nice items -- CD ROM Choice DX, Be Back, Super Mini-ska Deluxe, the new issues of Urecco, Best Video, Gal's Dee (and other magazines), more of the popular Japanese pop music singles

We forewent our customer Friday night movie tonight, and took in a video -- Seven -- at home. A truly fascinating movie, if you haven't seen it. Now Chiharu has gone to bed, and I'm finishing up the evening's uploading (since we're going to be moving into the J-List office in the summer, we still use a lowly 28.8 connection for everything here) with the help of more old Babylon 5 episodes.

Chiharu is happy -- we now are the owners of that great icon of American convenience, the clothes dryer. In Japan, dryers are about as common as central heating, but I finally broke down and bought her one as a wedding anniversary present (which was today).