Tuesday, April 07, 1998

Greetings from J-List April 7, 1998

Hello again. My recent custom of watching Babylon 5 episodes while doing the evening batch of email is continuing.

Kazuki, my son, has started pre-school. In the silly tradition of J-List, we have posted some pictures of what a Japanese school is like, as well as some impressions of spring. They are located at http://www.jlist.com/personalstuff/kazuki3.html.

There are no new items on the J-List pages today, although we have gone through and reduced tons of prices of items we have too many of here at J-List. Magazines, videos, video CDs -- nearly all pages have been updated we we move out a bunch of stock items at great prices. Check out the pages if you have time.

I maintain several pages on my personal homepage, including the infamous "You've been in Japan too long when..." archive. Check it out at http://www.jlist.com/peter/beeninjapan.html if you haven't already.