Friday, May 15, 1998

Greetings from J-List May 15, 1998

Hello, and Happy Friday everyone. It's been very quiet around here all afternoon, mainly because Kaori took the afternoon off to get her teeth worked on. I took some time off myself to take the kids for a long bicycle ride. Now that the rain has stopped, it's been nice every day.

The famous sumo wrestler Konishiki, the first Hawaiian wrestler to reach the level of ozeki (the second highest level in the sport), has retired. He's starring in a line of whisky commercials by Suntory in which he uses his great body (upwards of 450 pounds) to imitate bottles of Suntory whisky.

We've got a ton of great items for you today, starting with the February issue of Urecco, which features the beautiful and luscious Asami Narua, who has a 92 cm bust yet a tiny 52 cm waist. The latest issues of Milky Tsushin and Sakuranbo Ekisu are on the list now, as are many more copies of the popular Jo Mag January 1998 issue, featuring the beautiful catlike Andoh Aya. Finally, the new MPEG CD Soft Catalog (without almost two hours of AV on two CD ROMs) is in -- grab it before they sell out, as last month's did so quickly. Finally, more price reductions in our video and magazine pages for you -- enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Sunday, May 10, 1998

Greetings from J-List May 10, 1998

Hello, all. Chiharu and I are enjoying a Saturday evening of Japanese television. First was "Hit Parade!, a cool show that has top Japanese singers singing songs of other singers, which causes some interesting combinations. Then we watched Much Ado about Love, in which famous Japanese comedian Samba has funny conversations about love and sex with pretty women. And now we're watching old episodes of 90210 that NHK keeps on the air. It's great to meet other ex-pat Americans living in Japan who wouldn't admit to watching the show before coming to live here.

The sudden suicide death of Hide, of the popular Japanese rock band X Japan, is current in the news right now. His death has shocked and galvanized his fans, including my wife, who has been a fan of this group ever since she happened to meet Toshi, the lead singer, in a karaoke bar in Los Angeles.

We have a small update tonight, mainly more magazines and photobooks. Especially recommended are the Asami Mao the Nagai Madoka shashinshus. Also, we've knocked down even more prices on magazines and videos that we have too many of, so please check out those pages if you have time -- thanks.