Thursday, May 21, 1998

Greetings from J-List May 21, 1998

Hello from J-List. Yesterday was the annual "onsen ryoko" (trip to a hot springs hotel) of the Gunma Booksellers union, and we all went into the mountains around Gunma Prefecture to "enjoy the beautiful nature." See silly digital pictures at if you are.

It's a boy! Japanese super-famous vocalist Amuro Namie delivered her baby around 1:00 a.m. of May 19 at Maruyama Memorial General Hospital. By an interesting coincidence, the son of the Grand Champion Akebono was born on the same day. He won today's bout, defeating Takatoriki handily in an oshidashi win (i.e., he pushed the other guy out of the ring).

It continues to be Magazine Bonanza Time around here at J-List. We've got another ton of magazines, including many copies of the new issues of Bejean, Video Boy, Gokuh, Best Video, and more. The new items are excellent, with many great women inside (Andoh Aya, mmm). Stop by the updated pages if you have a moment -- thanks.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Greetings from J-List May 19, 1998

Ah, summer. It's come to Japan with a vengeance, although it's still a month off according to the calendar. The temperature isn't all that high, but the humidity is through the roof. We officially activated our office air condition -- thank god for the gifts of the 20th century.

Every year, the Japanese news reports on which Japanese pay the most income taxes (and thus, had the highest income). The famous Japanese music producer Tetsuya Komuro (who has discover/created such Japanese musicians as Amuro Namie, TRF and Kahala Tomomi -- his many musical creations are known collectivel as the "Komuro Family" here in Japan) is in the #4 of all Japanese, paying roughly US$8 million in taxes. He was #10 last year, so he's doing well. The top-paying actor/entertainer was Taka from Tunnels, who plays the Japanese baseball player in the Major League Baseball movies (the guy who shouts "You have no marbles!").

Lots of nice new items on the list for you tonight, including new issues of Dela Beppin, Bejeans, Video Boy and Best Video. These magazines have great photographs and excellent quality (and some have Andoh Aya), so check out the new offerings -- thanks!