Friday, June 12, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 12, 1998

Hi, from the country of raw fish, strawberry sandwiches and elevator girls. I'm enjoying a class of red wine from Chile, while Chiharu snoozes on the couch as usual (this time it was Allie McBiel that put her to sleep). Japan is having quite a boom in red wine these days.

Kaori has not been herself for the last couple of days, because of getting one of her wisdom teeth pulled. Poor Kaori.

We've got a lot of nice new items tonight, mostly on the magazine and shashinshu pages. The new items include about 30 "one shot" magazines, some cool items from a few years ago, as well as recent items: Ureccos and Photoshots and Top Tens and Penthouse Japan's, and other items. Check them out soon!

Also, we've made a few changes to the J-List page. First, we've added a "magazine page 3" page, to allow us to spread out the stock items out so that they can be browsed more easily by everyone. Also, we've broken our DVD items away from the Video CD page, and onto their own page.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 10, 1998

Hello again, from rainy Japan. It was actually a nice day today. Construction of the J-List office (we're going to call it "J-List Towers, although it's quite silly), and they're going to be raising the roof in another week. It's quite exciting to go to the site and see the concrete -- our concrete! -- being poured.

We've got a bunch of new items, including various new magazines and shashinshus (including cool issues of the popular Photoshot). These are mostly one shot" items that will be quite popular, so please check the list soon if you're interested.

Also, we've got two great new Otaku Publishing anime games on the games and CD ROMs pages. OTK10106, Paradise Heights (now shipping!), is a great new game about a wacky, erotic apartment complex. The sequel, OTK10107, Return to Paradise Heights (shipping in July, taking pre-orders now), carries the story even further. These two games are great items from Otaku Publishing.

Sunday, June 07, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 7, 1998

It's a cold, gloomy Saturday in Japan, although we've been spared rain long enough for me to finish the sun deck. It's nice to have completed my first carpentry project, although it'll be a while before I undertake anything like that again.

Our big news is the official start (finally!) of construction of the J-List Office. The workmen actually started on Thursday, and have done quite a bit so far, digging out the space for the foundation and filling it with concrete, leveling the ground, and so on. It's been a long battle, and we're really happy to have the building underway. It'll be completed in September.

First of all, we've got about 30 new videos on the Video Catalog pages, including hot new videos by Kanazawa Bunko, Yuki Maiko, Fujisaki Minami, Kano Mizuho, and more. There are also about 50 new "in stock" videos on the Video Warehouse pages. Then, we've got new magazines -- a bunch, including new issues of Milky Tsushin, Sakuranbo Ekisu