Saturday, June 20, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 20, 1998

Hi, everyone. This is a quick update, since I had time to put the new Ureccos and Jo Mag issues onto the list. These magazines are very nice -- the Urecco issue has the "1997 Urecco Grand Prix, in which they present the results of the most-popular-om-Japan survey. Who will take the coveted #1 best in AV" slot? Or the "best in Swimsuit" category?

Well, I'm thirty today, the big three-oh. That's 10, 958 days (counting the last eight leap years), although it doesn't feel a day past 8000. Tonight Chiharu and I are going to our favorite French restaurant in Maebashi (the Japanese, historically believing themselves to be a European country, are quite fond of French cuisine), and then it's off to Ota for Deep Impact, which starts today.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, June 19, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 19, 1998

I got a big surprise when I woke up this morning: the steel frame of the J-List office had been completed! It was great fun to see the crane moving the steel pillars into place. You can see pictures of the office, as well as some commentary on Japanese ceremonies and more pictures of our family, at .

We've got a bunch of new items for you today. First, there are about eight new Video CD and DVD items added to those two pages. New items include a Video CD version of Chiasa Aonuma's second adult release (SPE03 "Love the Wind"), a cool "revived princesses of Japanese AV" DVD featuring AV actresses who have retired in past years, a cool "busty school" DVD, and more. When you check the Video CD page, be sure to scroll all the way down, since there are many cheap close-out items on the page.

JPOP fans have reason to check out the JPOP page, since we've added about 60 new CD singles. I recommend the new singles by Every Little Thing -- they are great. And finally, there are some new magazine & shashinshu items on the magazine page, including a great Photoshot-style large book with pics by Tohno Natsuko and others in it, and more copies of the very popular Super Mini-Suka Deluxe.

I hope you all have a nice weekend, and hopefully dryer than the one we're likely to have. Take care!

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 17, 1998

Well, all this heat and humidity is better than the alternative, constant rain, which usually plagues Japan (except Hokkaido, which is so far north) during June and July. I do miss San Diego, which is right on the sea, and warmed with hot winds from the desert, which remove all the humidity from the air.

I'm off to Tokyo this evening, to meet some people, so I'm doing the update now. To save money (and because I like the place), I stay in a 24-hour sauna, which is basically a nice sauna/bath that you can enter any time, 24 hours a day. At night, you can sprawl out on a little mat, or in one of the reclining chairs they prepare for you. You have to be able to endure the snoring of 40 other middle-aged Japanese guys in the room with you, but it's the only way you can sleep in the heart of happenin' Shibuya for just $26.

Tonight's update brings another 25 or so items to the list, on the magazines and shashinshu pages. There are some very nice items on the photobook page especially, some nice items including a great black & white photobook of Gotoh Kumiko, and many more. Check the new items out fast, since they'll go quickly.

Be sure to stop by and check out the really cheap items on the magazine page (3) and the video pages (3 and 4). We've got a ton of really great items at close-out prices, like $5 for Ureccos, $25 for Iijima Ai "the Last Ai Collection" series, videos by Chinese star May Fa, and more. Kaori is always getting on me to get items out the door, so we can make more space in the stock room so that she can get the place organized. Give Kaori a break and check out the close-out items. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 16, 1998

Hi from Japan. We had a nice day today -- Japan's rainy season gave us a day of respite, enabling us to spend some time on our finally-completed sun deck. We've added a wooden swing, and a small barbecue. It's wonderful. The new deck should be a good place to try out the telescope Chiharu bought me for my birthday (yes, I turn 30 this Saturday, the big three-oh).

Unfortunately, after over a year of faithful service, my Fuji DX-7 digital camera has apparently died. I wanted to post some pictures of the current state of the J-List office (the foundation is done, and the steel frame will be erected by this Friday), and the sun deck, but my camera is dead. I took some video images and posted them here and here.

We've got another update for you. It's a similar update to the one posted on Friday -- another 30 or so "one shot" books, items like Ureccos and Photoshots and Top Tens and Madaonnas, many from a few years ago. The items went very quickly on Friday, so hurry and check out the list if there are any items you think you want.