Saturday, June 27, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 27, 1998

Help! It's about a zillion degrees on a Saturday afternoon here in Japan, with humidity in the high 70's. J-List's trusty "air-con" is going full-steam, and it's not helping at all.

I had a not-so-fun surprise when I woke up this morning: the kids had gotten up early, and had taken it upon themselves to spread the contents of the shreadder all over the floor. See the picture at Also, I've had some people ask about the Olympus C-1400L camera I got (which is known as the D-600L in the States), so I've posted an example of the highest resolution picture at (a picture of Tokyo yesterday, as seen a few hundred feet from the Shinjuku Starbucks). Olympus' homepage is at

Lots of nice new items in time for the weekend. First, there are another batch of in-stock videos, mostly on page 1 of the video pages. There are about 40 new videos added. Then there are -- ta da! -- new magazines! New issues of Bejean (warning! Kusanagi Jun is in this issue in a big way!), and the new Gokuh is just wonderful. We've still got tons of brand-new items from the week's updates, so check out our pages.

In related news, we've started carrying subscriptions to Gokuh -- if you want to get the magazines you love regularly, before they are even posted to the general J-List page, why not consider a subscription to Urecco, Panst Freak, Dela Beppin, Best Video, Gal's Dee, or Gokuh? Not only are you guaranteed to get the first magazines available, you even get free issues!

Well, have a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 25, 1998

Hello, all. Another update from the land of cars with names like Super Saloon, Soarer, Mitsubishi Thanks Chariot, and Bongo Friendy.

We had a nice surprise today: 40 copies of Kusanagi Jun's excellent photobook, Kubire (the word describes the inward curve of a woman's hip, which Jun-chan has in spades, with her tiny waist). We had been told by our distributor that the book was in limbo, waiting to see if it would be re-printed by its publisher, so we had removed it from the photobooks page. We're happy to report that it's back on the list now.

There are many other newly added items, including a cache of photobooks, including two excellent ones by photographer Goro. New magazines include Nippon Mini-suka, Panst Dream, the deluxe Mini-suka Collection, Be Back, and more. There are about 75 new items added in all.

JPOP fans should also stop by the JPOP page, to see the 5+ new albums and 30+ new CD singles that have been added. Speed's "My Graduation, new items by Amuro Namie, dos, TM Revolution, and more.

Be sure to see the video pages, if you haven't since yesterday, and see the new items that have been added. Remember, there are lots of bargain items to be had, like Ureccos and other magazines for $5, Iijima Ai's videos series for $25, and more.

P.S. Wow! As I write these words, watching the Japanese news, we just had a big earthquake here on the Kanto plain. I'm not sure of the magnitude, but it was a 3" rating according to the Japanese scale.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 23, 1998

Hello from Japan. World Cup mania continues throughout the world (except perhaps the US, where soccer is just not followed), and Japan is no exception. Huge crowds can be found gathered around large screen TVs in Tokyo, even to the point of creating public safety problems, and attendance at other sports, such as baseball, is at an all-time low.

We have some new items for you today, mostly on the videos pages, Video CD page and magazine pages. There are a ton (well, about 40 kg.) worth of videos, includnig new copies of the infamous SPE03 "Love the Wind" video by Chiasa Aonuma (the product ID has changed to SPE02, but it's the same video). Other videos by Mizuho Kanou and Suzuki Momoka and about eight more are added to the in-stock video pages.

I am enjoying a new service that lets you receive faxes and voice mail through email from anywhere in the world for just $12.50, called J-Fax ( This isn't an ad, it's just such a useful situation for someone like me that I thought I'd plug them. See Eudora Central ( for some more useful services which can make email cooler.

By the way, sorry for those who were able to find the pictures of our office construction. The link is at, and it should be up.