Monday, June 29, 1998

Greetings from J-List June 29, 1998

Well, it's election time again here in Japan, and here, that means candidates driving around in trucks from 8 am with speakers mounted on them, announcing their platform and asking for the support of the neighborhood. The issues in this election center around the economy, as you can imagine, and mostly how to help stimulate the economy here out of the recession. The Japan Communist Party's platform, for example, supports reducing the consumption tax (sales tax) from 5% back to 3%.

The two-man team of commedians (one Japanese, one from Hong Kong) who are hitchhiking from the bottom of Africa to the top of the Scandanavian Peninsula have entered Kenya after five months on the road. Their trek is broadcase every Sunday evening in Japan and in Hong Kong. And Nasubi, the man who is trying to live off of things he wins by sending out thousands entries (he ran out of rice for a while, and had to live off of some dog food he had won), has moved, due to his top-secret location being discovered by some reporters. He has won approximately $4000 worth of prizes so far, and has only $6000 to go.

We've got some excellent items to add to the list today. First, there are a bunch of new Video CD and DVD titles, including some really excellent items. Fubuki Akira's premier on Video CD is here in a great title from Bauhaus. It's a soft porn performance that is just beautiful. As if that weren't good enough news, Kusanagi Jun's excellent soft-porn Video CD "G-Cup Danger" is a wonderful treat. Then there are new Video CD and DVD items by Aida Momo, Kanazawa Bunko, Ozawa Madoka, Shirakawa Marina, a Bust Video Gold Video CD compilation, and more. Momo Aida's compilation DVD (2 hours!) is especially recommended for fans of this great woman.

Then we have more magazines -- including the new issue of the excellent Dela Beppin (Kanazawa Bunko and Suzuki Momoka fans take note -- this issue is good), the new Pixie 17, the excellent Panstopia, and more.

Well, have to dash out the door. Hope you all had a good weekend.