Saturday, July 11, 1998

Greetings from J-List July 11, 1998

Greetings from still-hot Japan! My first week back in Japan is over, and we're ready for the weekend here at J-List. On Saturday the Tanabata Festival begins in Maebashi, so we'll be taking that in. This is a modern festival based on an old Chinese legend involving a prince (the star Vega) and a princess (some other star in the same constellation) who are doomed to meet each other only once a year. In reality, it's an excuse to walk around in a cotton kimono and eat food from stalls that are run by the local

Big update for you this evening. First, the new Paradise Lost manga is in (vol. 7). This is a great item for any fan of Japanese dojinshi, as it offers 200+ pages of great erotic Evangelion dojinshi art with a great cover and price. Then, we've got the new Urecco, which is really an excellent issue (Akane Ichinose is not to be missed). Finally, fans of Japanese CD ROMs should not miss the MPEG Soft Catalog (which provides nearly 2 hours of Japanese AV action and a magazine, all for just $25) and the All Pasocom CD Soft Catalog (three CD ROMs with tons of Japanese AV stuff, all for less than the price of a video).

I hope you all have a great (and cool) weekend. Stop by the page if you have a moment. Thanks!