Wednesday, September 02, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 2, 1998

Hello from Japan. I am wrapping up another update for you all, as Kaori and Chiharu sit in the other room. The soundtrack to Princess Momonoke is on the 20th Anniversary Mac, and we're relaxing as we do the good work of J-List.

We are happy campers -- our 128K dedicated line was installed yesterday, so we're zooming with all the Internet we could want, with data routed to all the Macs in our new office. After an agonizingly long time doing high-volume email and updates through a tiny 28.8 baud modem connection, this is really great. The dedicated line should bring several benefits, including the ability for J-List to send email replies many times during the day, instead of in batches as we have done in the past.

Along with our new Internet setup, we have a new "official" email address -- . We'll be phasing out the address soon, if you have that bookmarked or anything.

We have a nice pre-weekend update for you today. First, the new Urecco is in, and it's lovely, with great photo features by Yoshino Sally, Kusanagi Jun, and more. There are a bunch of new in-stock videos, including items by Suzuki Momoka, Mizuno Haruki and Ozawa Madoka. There's a cool "virtual desktop character" version of Ultraman for your computer's desktop). Finally, we've also got some good news for fans of JAST USA's anime games...

Announcing the JAST USA Hentai Game sale! During the month of September, we're having a promotion on JAST USA's three adult anime game titles. If you buy one of JAST USA's three titles, we'll give you $5 off. If you buy two? You'll get $10 off. But if you buy all three of JAST USA's titles, you'll get a whopping $20 discount! We're also happy to announce that RCY America's excellent title, Nocturnal Illusion, has been reduced in price to $34.95. Enjoy the hentai games! Look for cool products from RCY America, soon (hint, hint).

The Japanese Magazine FAQ has been updated with more of the magazines we carry regularly at J-List. The URL is

Incredible as it may sound, I am off to the U.S. for a third time in nine weeks. The 6th of September would have been my father's 73rd birthday, and all of his children (of which I am the youngest) are assembling in Maryland. I'll be in America a total of two days, and Kaori will be here, taking care of orders and email during that time.

Monday, August 31, 1998

Greetings from J-List August 31, 1998

Well, Summer is officially over, more or less. It was a great time for us, and a hot time. Zipping back and forth over the Pacific four times sure made it fly by fast.

Japan is recovering from the latest typhoon, typhoon number 4 (they don't name them here, but assign them numbers instead), a real whopper that claimed 15 lives in Tochigi Prefecture (near where we are), in addition to hundreds of cattle, I saw on the news last night. In other news, Apple's iMac has arrived, to great public attention. I saw my first iMac at the Mac-kan in Takasaki the other day, and they are very svelte.

Tonight's update is a nice one. First, we have about 15 new videos, including , more titles by the lovely Miura Aika, Suzuki Minami, Misaki Mao, and more. We also have more copies of nearly all of Kanou Mizuho's very popular videos, including Super Nyumanji, Huge Bust Dynamite, and more. Finally