Saturday, September 12, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 12, 1998

I'm enjoying a nice quiet Saturday morning in the office, drinking coffee and finishing up the latest update to the J-List homepage. I got the sudden urge to re-arrange the furniture in my office, so I am about an hour behind schedule. It looks much better now, though.

I noted with sadness after returning to Japan on Monday that Japanese film director Kurosawa Akira died -- on my father's birthday. Kurosawa is one of the Japanese responsible for putting this country on the map internationally, and it's sad to see him go.

Japan is currently under a wave of poisonings. It started with sodium cyanide in some curry rice at a summer festival a month ago (this turns out to have been done to defraud an insurance company), and since then someone has died drinking Oolong tea that had been poisoned, and there have been several incidences of poisonings in schools. What a zany country.

In J-List news, we've got -- a nice update! In addition to five or so new magazines (including the June Urecco, the "lost" March issue of Gal's Dee, and more), we have new in-stock videos (about 10 new videos in all), new soft vinyl toys (including the bizarre "Santa Girl, above), new issues of Windows 100% and MPEG CD Soft Catalog, and -- even more dojinshi! Please enjoy the new items.