Saturday, September 26, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 26, 1998

Hello from Japan. It's 1:30 Saturday morning as I write these words -- I had to leave work early to assist with a project my wife had started, the assembling of some very difficult bunk beds for the kids. I've finally got the update ready to go out now, though...

I took another trip to Tokyo today, my second in three days -- whew! It was hot, but the chance to hit Starbucks was worth it. In addition to running around the city looking for great stuff for J-List, I managed to almost complete my Star Wars figure collection (still need to find some Ewok figures though). I have a bookcase with three shelves, so I'm displaying the best of my figures inside. Does anyone know a good way to keep Star Wars figures fastened to a flat surface so that they don't fall down?

We have a fistfull of new items for you today. First, weve finally gotten a bunch of new "available by order" videos from our distributor, with lots of great new releases by Chiasa Aonuma, Yuki Maiko, Kanazawa Bunko, Fujisaki Minami, and the now legendary Kano Mizuho (aka Kusanagi Jun). We'll stock many of these video as soon as we can, but ths is your chance to check out the newest releases and pre-order your copy so that you can be among the first to get it. There are also new videos, on the in-stock page (including some that were "lost" by being put on the wrong page). We've added a bunch of new hardcover photobooks (including the hard-to-find Chiasa Aonuma photobook), and some new magazines (D-Cup Japan). Finally

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 24, 1998

Yesterday was pretty hectic. Chiharu, Kazuki and I took a day off to go down to Tokyo to buy our Saturn. We got a cool one, a SW2 short wagon with beige leather interior. (Click here for a picture of what Saturn's wagon is like.) We pick it up in two weeks.

It took us a long time to decide if we wanted to get a Saturn or not, mainly because the price of many domestic cars here in Japan has fallen along with the economy. However, because we are rather a unique group of people (or think of ourselves as such), we knew we wanted to be one of the few people in Gunma Prefecture with a Saturn. It'll be fun to drive it around.

We have a nice pre-weekend update for you tonight. First, there are new videos, including more copies of the popular High School Lesbian Diary title. Then, we have a nice new selection of new Video CDs, and one DVD. Saegusa Miyu fans should note the excellent Best Collection Then, we have some new toys -- there are some excellent figures from the classic anime show Devilman, and a nifty "real figure" of Tetsujin 28. Finally, there are a bunch of new hardcover photobooks on the shashinshu page.

We have other pages updated, too. First, the About J-List page has been updated, with new pictures of all of us (in our nice new office

Monday, September 21, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 21, 1998

Hello, all. We've had a busy Monday today, mostly with cleaning and arranging the J-List office. Monday is our designated day to clean anything, anyway, but we had a lot of extra work because the rest of our furniture (a small sofa that Chiharu insisted we get for the downstairs, since all Japanese companies have a small sofa near the front door for guests to sit down at) arrived today.

In sports news, Yomiuri Giants coast Nagashima has said he will not retire this year, but will continue to coast the most popular Japanese baseball team. Why? Word is, his retirement would cause many baseball fans to lose interest in the sport, which could exacerbate Japan's recession. Nagashima, a nice old man by now, is by far the most popular Japanese sports figure in the country.

Today's update is a nice little one. On the magazines/photobooks pages, we have added four different Photoshot issues to the page. Photoshot is one of the most popular of all Japanese magazines. With its square back, its large, glossy pages and his high photographic quality, it's more like a high-class hardcover shashinshu than a magazine. Very nice...

Then, we have more anime toys, including some that I am personally very in love with. For Ultraman fans, we have several Ultraman toys, including a deluxe giant-size replica of the original Ultraman. We have Kamen Rider soft vinyl toys, a super-cool detailed replica/figure of the flying turtle-monster Gamera, soft rubber key chains from To Heart, and more. The really cool one is the cast-iron figure from Ashita no Joe -- perfectly detailed and heavy in the hand, this is one dynamite item for fans of campy Japanese pop culture.

Please stop by and see all the cool new items.