Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 29, 1998

Well, it's calendar season again, and that means a great chance to get some unique Christmas gifts for someone you care about (maybe even yourself). This year's Japanese calendars are excellent, with a lot of really nice choices, be they beautiful Japanese women, great anime calendars, Japanese musicians and "talents, rare looks at Japanese culture, and more. Part of the fun in entering the calendars into the computer is seeing who's slipped from No. 1 down the list (or off it completely) -- it's an interesting mirror into current Japanese pop culture. I'll be getting five or six of them myself, for my own collection. Please take a moment to scroll through the calendars and see if any of the excellent large-size calendars appeal to you. (In addition to the Calendars page link on the J-List main pages, you can find anime calendars on the anime page, JPOP calendars on the JPOP page, and adult calendars on page 3 of the magazines pages.)

For the benefit of anyone who wasn't here last year, Japanese calendars are very unique and special. They are very large, generally, being more like posters than normal calendars that are available in the US. The sizes are either A2 or B2, unless noted in the descriptions -- this is about 2 feet by 3 feet, shipped rolled. Unless noted, there are 7 sheets to each calendar (the cover, plus six calendar pages, two months to a page). The paper is very nice, with a very glossy finish, and bound with a metal rib (not the spirally thingies) that lets you easily fasten it to the wall with a pushpin without putting a hold in your calendar.

Prices for the calendars are as marked. Shipping will be $5 for SAL shipping, plus $3 for a handmade cardboard tube (there being no way to get real mailing tubes in Japan, we have to make our own). We experimented with mailing boxes last year, but enough of the boxes got crushed that we decided to not bother this time. If you order three or more calendars, the tubes will be free.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the window for ordering these calendars is quite small. We'll start accepting orders immediately, and we expect the first calendars to show up from the distributor around mid-October. We'll have to stop taking orders around the first week of November, though -- any taken after that will be hard for our distributor to fill. As always, when ordering just in time" items like this, it's best if you can use a credit card, so that we can hold the order until the item comes in. For some calendars that are very popular

In addition to the calendars, there is an update on the dojinshi page -- some books that had been in stock before are back on the list, with more copies added. Enjoy all the new items!

Sunday, September 27, 1998

Greetings from J-List September 27, 1998

Just a quick update today. It was drizzling all day yesterday, so I did what everyone should do on such days -- sit around and play Civilization II on my Powerbook. What a way to kill a rainy day. As a result I have a big pile of email to go through on this lovely (but still drizzling) Sunday in Japan.

Today's update is a nice little one one. We have several new Race Queen-oriented items for fans of that worthy genre, new copies of the popular Memories and Karin photobooks, as well as more of the popular Nippon Mini-Skirt and Panst Dream items. Also, it's Dojinshi time again -- we finally got the last batch scanned and entered into the database. There are about 30 new items on the dojinshi page now, so please check them out.

Remember that J-List has a bunch of stuff at closeout prices. For example, we still have several different issues of the excellent CD ROM Choice, Windows 100%, the MPEG Soft Catalog, and more, all at great prices.

We're in the final days of September, and that means that the JAST USA sale is going to be coming to an end soon -- if you are interested in JAST USA's adult anime simulation game genre, this is your chance to save up to $35.

Thanks, and have a nice rest-of-the-weekend.