Thursday, November 25, 1999

Greetings from J-List November 25, 1999

Happy Thanksgiving from J-List, if you're in the States. Thanksgiving is a nice day for Americans, a quiet time to stay home and have a nice dinner with the family, then perhaps go visit some friends. In Japan, there is no Thanksgiving, and certainly no turkey to, so this year, we'll be getting a bucket of chicken at good old KFC.

That reminds me of my first weeks in Japan. To my mind, Kentucky is a U.S. state, but to the Japanese, Let's go to Kentucky is an invitation to eat chicken. It just felt weird. Similarly, the Japanese pronunciation of some English words such as "micro" (they usually pronounce it "meecro") gave me the heebie-jeebies. I was also vaguely disturbed to see a series of map books with an apple on the cover, called "Mapple."

Sumo Grand Master Musashimaru, of Hawaii, has won the latest Sumo tournament. He's on a great winning streak, which is good for the new Grand Master. He's one of just two American wrestlers to achieve the highest ranking in Sumo, and is the only wrestler ever to look like a big Sicilian mafia guy.

We've got a lot of nice items for you tonight. First and foremost, we've got dozens of great Year 2000 Japanese calendars in stock, now that the preorders are processed and in the mail. There are many great calendars available, including anime, JPOP and more, and they're all in stock and ready to go out to you. There are new photobooks and magazines, including some single issues, and several really nice new hard- and softcover photobooks. JPOP fans will enjoy the 10+ new items posted to the JPOP page, and we've added some cool new items to the anime toys page last time, including some out of print Sakura Wars figures. (There are some slick new Yamato toys that had been posted

We've been upgrading everything around here, including our web server. J-List now has its own dedicated setup, so loading speed should be increased for everyone. The problem with the J-List secure order form not showing as secure in some browsers should also be fixed. If you notice anything strange over the next couple of days, please let us know immediately and we'll fix it. (The secure order form on the JAST USA hentai game site is still broken, so if you want to get any of the hentai games from that site, please order them from J-List instead, until we get it fixed.)

Monday, November 22, 1999

Greetings from J-List November 22, 1999

Happy Monday from Japan, the country where everyone thinks that green traffic signals are blue.

In last night's broadcast, Chuyan and Manaka spent several cold days in New York City, trying to find a way to cross the Atlantic ocean for free, including standing outside the airport holding a sign that said "Let's go to Europe with us." Forced to give up, they tried selling pictures of New York City that Chuyan drew to get the money to fly one-way to Spain, which didn't work very well, either. Japanese singer Go Hiromi (who is a former boyfriend of Matsuda Seiko, see his picture at came to the rescue, agreeing to buy the pictures that Chuyan had drawn for the price of the airfare across the Atlantic. Another hurdle behind them, the team are now somewhere in Eastern Europe

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Japan -- Kinrou Kansha no Hi, or Respect for the Aged Day. Japan has one of the oldest populations in the world, and they're getting older year by year, as young couples have fewer and fewer children.

Tonight's update is a big one, with many new items going on the list. First, there are new magazines -- the new issues of Gokuh, Dela Beppin, Video Boy and Best Video. Several of these issues feature one or more of the three actresses who appeared on the Gaijin TV show that we did the special report on (, for those who have asked about items featuring these three AV stars. We've gotten new Japanese snack items, including a new package and cool collectible chrome card in the popular Pokemon Choco snacks, and a new Pokemon item, Pokemon Cookie, which also features a collectible "Pokemon Frame." There are many new and back-in-stock items on the adult manga page

We've gotten a huge shipment of calendars in, and will start processing them first thing tomorrow. With Christmas so close, there's a chance that some of the calendars won't arrive in time if sent by SAL. If you've ordered a calendar and are in a hurry to get it by Dec. 25th, we can still send the calendars by airmail -- if you'd like us to change the shipping method, please email us ASAP.