Saturday, December 11, 1999

Greetings from J-List December 11, 1999

Greetings from J-List, which is officially banned in Saudi Arabia.

People in Japan in Japan have gotten used to getting special perks from the government as it tries to help kick-start the Japanese economy. First it was last year's special $400-per-child gift from the government to people with families, in the form of coupons that had to be used by a certain date. Now there's a special tax deduction arrangement for small companies, allowing them to deduct purchases for computers, office equipment, etc. this fiscal year, rather than breaking the deductions up over time. This is great news for me, since it allows me to get a new PowerMac G4 and take the deduction all at once.

America exports many things to Japan, but one I could have done without was the Infomercial. Now you can't watch late-night TV in Japan without bumping into one or two of them running on different channels. They usually have Japanese infomercials, but occasionally you see a really bad U.S. one with Japanese dubbed over. The other night, though, I saw that you could buy the entire run of the Ed Sullivan Show on videocasette. That would be kind of interesting to watch.

We've got some new toys at J-List -- a Tangerine iMac DV and a new Panasonic digital camera. After setting things up, we were literally making and editing movies of the kids in about ten minutes. See our first zany efforts (a film of our kids tearing the paper off our shoji paper doors) at: .

We've got some lovely new items for you today. First, there's a positively fabulous all-new Miura Aika photobook for fans of this lovely lady. An extremely high-class piece of work, it features some of the most shocking and erotic pictures of this lady I've seen. For fans of J-List's videos, we've updated both the in-stock videos pages (Mizuno Haruki, Yoshino Sally, and more!) as well as the special-order videos pages (Yoshikawa Minami, Asato Yuka, more!) for you. There is a nice new posting of JPOP albums and maxi singles (half-albums) to J-List's JPOP page, as well as reductions in the prices of our calendars as we get close to the end of the year -- pick up a great bargain on some of these items. For fans of the popular Video CD & DVD Soft Catalog, a dual-VCD sampler providing an all-color magazine and nearly two hours of footage for a great price

Thursday, December 09, 1999

Greetings from J-List December 9, 1999

Hello again. The famous December "Kara-kaze" is blowing outside my window as I type this. I hope I won't get too chilled during the walk home tonight...

Daniel Keys is in Japan right now, and was interviewed for a Japanese news show on NHK last night. In the interview he discussed the recent tragedy in Japan, and his take on the Japanese view of education here. He compared Japanese young people who are expected to fill their minds with knowledge in order to move forward in life to his character Charlie Gordon, during his great rise in intelligence during the middle of Flowers for Angernon (my all-time favorite book, by the way). They try to squeeze in information and knowledge so they can pass a certain test and perform academically, but all the while they're moving farther from what's really important, family and the happiness that comes from having a strong family base.

Tonight we've got some great new items for you. First of all, the new issue of the best-selling Urecco is posted, and it's a lovely one, with many lovely "Fresh Nude" features by Misaki Ryoka, Minori Aoi, and many more. "Bed Rooms, the beautiful photobook of Honjoh Sayuri (who was one of the three girls who appeared on the talk show with gaijin from around the world), is in stock on the photobooks page, along with other new photobook items. There is yet another update to the Cards & Puzzles page -- a beautiful new illustration by Yoshitaka Amano, and for esoteric anime fans, a super rare Gatchaman puzzle (known as Battle of the Planets and G-Force in the U.S.). For fans of J-List's new Reserve Subscription" service, allowing you to subscribe to many Japanese magazines as they come out in Japan, we've got a G-Type, a nice new hentai magazine that features a CD ROM of cool demos with each issue. For fans of Pokemon

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Tuesday, December 07, 1999

Greetings from J-List December 7, 1999

Hi again from Japan. I had forgotten that it was the 58th anniversary of Pearl Harbor until Tomo mentioned it in passing. Look how far the world has come since then.

In a terrible tragedy that has shocked Japan terribly, a two year old girl (Haruna-chan) was killed by the mother of another girl. The two children were competing to get into a prestigious preschool in Tokyo (much like the one my kids attend, although the scale is a lot smaller). Haruna-chan passed the test and was accepted into the school, but the other girl was not, which drove the mother of the girl not accepted mad. She strangled poor Haruna-chan with her scarf and hid the girl's body in Shizuoka Prefecture. Since we have kids in a hoikuen (preschool) not all that unlike this school, it was especially unsettling to us.

We've got a nice update for you tonight, with lot of great items. First and foremost, the long-anticipated "memorial last nude" of Kusanagi Jun, one of the most beautiful and enticing women in Japan. (Her AV name is Kano Mizuho.) There is a nice volley of adult videos on both the in-stock video pages (including some Hirosue Nao, one of my favorites) and all-new special order videos, so check out the great new items. For dojinshi fans, there's a wonderful new 98 page adult dojinshi by the fine folks at Okachimentaiko featuring parodies of popular game girls in Japan. And for fans our extensive "wide" manga, we've got another 6-8 all-new items, including some nice S&M manga anthologies and more. Finally, we just couldn't resist posting more beautiful and unique puzzles

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We hope you're having a great week. See you on the web!