Thursday, December 23, 1999

Greetings from J-List December 23, 1999

Hello from Japan. Today is December 23rd, and the Emperor's Birthday -- so it's a holiday. Christmas in Japan, of course, is a normal work day.

Another terrible tragedy has struck a Japanese school, with the slaying of a seven year old boy in Kyoto. The killer, who may have been a junior high or high school student by some reports, left several copies of a bizarre note written in squarish Japanese characters, saying, The reason is because I have a grudge against the school. I will run away this time, but I am planning to reveal my name later...The code by which I can be identified is 'Terukuhanoru.' This is a meaningless word that has baffled police and experts alike ever since the terrible tragedy.

We've got a great pre-Christmas update for you today. First, we've added more fine-quality Japanese magazines to the J-List site, including two popular items for fans of Japanese women with long, silky legs -- Panst Dream and Panstopia. There are several nice new photobook items, including the first photobook release of virtual idol Terai Yuki. We've got even more excellent adult manga posted, including another dojinshi anthology based on popular anime characters, as well as a nice new manga item on the Yaoi page for fans of Yaoi themes. JPOP fans have yet another excellent JPOP monthly magazine available via J-List's "reserve subscription" page (page 1): Pachi Pachi, a wonderful magazine filled with lots of pictures and information about what's popular in JPOP and J-Rock now.

We've also got yet another slew of last-minute Year 2000 calendars added, including Glay, lovely swimsuit models Mashiko Rie, and Sakai Ayana, and several of the excellent Nadesico anime calendars, in stock and ready to go now. (As always, we're cutting prices daily to give you a reason to get a few extra.) Keep in mind when browsing the calendar page that the scans we've got posted on our website are actual thumbnails printed on a large poster, which we scan and blow up be large size. The calendars are actually far nicer than the sample picture you see on our site.

I've been having fun with my AirPort wireless base station and Lucent WaveLan Silver PC card, access the Internet from the parking lot outside from my Powerbook. It's great fun! It'll come in handy on nice Spring days when I want to get out of the office for a while, although it's much too cold out right now.

Some people reported trouble with the Quicktime movie featuring a Christmas-ready Kaori and myself at . To view the movie, you need to have Quicktime 4.0 installed. Email me if you have problems with the page.

Once again, the warmest Christmas wishes from everyone at J-List!

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Greetings from J-List December 21, 1999

Greetings from Japan, where a "shortcut" is a hairstyle.

On Sunday's episode of Denpa Shonen, Chuyan and Manaka arrived in India thanks to their ability to hitch a ride with the jewelry designer. Following messages they received on their Iridium pager, they hitchhiked to Calcutta and met up with a Japanese man who was working there. Knowing that Myanmar is a difficult country to get a visa for when traveling, they attempted to find a way to go by boat to Thailand, which is where they're headed now. They only have ten days to reach their goal, Tokyo!

I've always known that Japanese women seem to have problems with constipation, but now I know for sure. 47.7% of Japanese high school girls and 57% of career women report problems with constipation ("benpi" in Japanese, in case it ever comes up in Trivial Pursuit). Why Japanese rates of constipation are so high, no one knows, but it can cause various health problems, such as higher rates of some cancers -- in fact, 80% of women with breast cancer reported that they had problems with constipation.

The various females at J-List have had discussions about this over the years (Japanese are very open about discussing bodily functions openly). To solve her own problem, Kaori started drinking a herbal tea designed to ease constipation called "Last Chance." We've got a lot of really nice new items posted to the J-List site tonight since we missed one of our regular updates (we actually did our regular Saturday update -- the listserver decided not to work properly).