Friday, January 28, 2000

Greetings from J-List January 28, 2000

Hello again from Japan, where Nutrasweet is known as "Slim Up Sugar."

The Japanese do love to bathe, and most foreigners living here get caught up in this passion. Going to onsens (hot springs) is the national leisure activity of Japan, and billions are spent annually. Since Japanese have the highest longevity in the world, it would be interesting to see a scientific test done, to see if the daily relaxation gotten from the daily bath had long--term beneficial effects on a person's health.

My kids and I love baths, too -- we have a fancy computer console in our bathroom that fills the bath for you to the preset level and temperature then beeps when it's ready. I also take the kids out to our favorite public bath/sauna, Furo 21, at least once a week. Parents bathing with their kids provides what the Japanese have come to call "skinship" -- the important skin-to-skin relationship between parents and children.

Since the weekend is upon us, we've got an extra good update for J-List readers. The new items added to the site include:

  • A large volley of new parody game manga, including several volumes of the Electronic Fighting Daughter and Electronic Love Daughter series, in stock!
  • For fans of dojinshi and fan-created computer images, we've got a nice new selection of floppy and CD-R-based "dojin-soft" with some really excellent images, including some playable games, on the dojinshi page.
  • New magazines, including some excellent new "one shot" magazines on Magazine pages 1 and 2, as well as more of the popular $5 magazine on page 3 (including some "lost" Urecco issues)
    A bunch of new in-stock videos, including Asakura Mai, Yumeno Maria, and the lovely Ozawa Madoka (see in-stock videos page 1)
  • More special-order videos, for people who want to reserve their own copies of the newest, most popular before they come in stock -- we've got some nice ones, including Sakurai Fuka, a nice Elevator Girl item, and more
  • A fresh infusion of some all-new Year 2000 calendars, including some unique "beauty of Japan" ones that we're interested in getting feedback on. See most of the calendars on photobook page 1, although some of the anime/JPOP calendars are on those respective pages.
  • New puzzles, including a new lovely artwork puzzle by Morita Haruyo (a character from traditional Japan) as well as a super puzzle item for Morning Musume fans
  • Finally, a long-deserved update to our Japanese Snacks page, with fresh stock of the delicious "Mogi Mogi Fruits" (Gummi fruit trees) at a lower price, as well as two all-new items: Delicious Gummi Pokemon candy, and one of my all favorite snacks of all time, Shigekix, the incredibly tart lemon "hard gummi" candy. We're very happy to be able to bring these cool treats to people living outside of Japan.

To better serve our customers and protect your privacy, we've made some changes to the order form, allowing you to better specify how you want your package sent from J-List. Gift wrapping is now an option (either for sending gifts to a friend, or as added protection against customs agents in certain countries). You can opt for a completely hand-written label, too, in addition to the "no J-List return address" option. We hope these improvements will serve you!

Thanks for checking out J-List. We hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Greetings from J-List January 27, 2000

Greetings from Japan, still a very cold place, although it's gotten a little warmer in the past few days.

The big news in Japan is the death of Kin-san, one of two twin sisters who are known and loved througout Japan as "Kin-san and Gin-san." Kin, who was the mother of 11 children during her life, died at the age of 107. Her funeral was today, and the morning wide shows covered the surviving Gin-san, dressed in black, unable to speak out of grief for her sister. The two ancient sisters were twins, born back during the Meiji era, and have been icons of the 1990's in Japan, appearing on TV and in commercials regularly.

Restaurants that serve kaiten-zushi, or sushi served on a conveyor belt, are feeling the pinch of the ongoing Japanese recession, and owners are fighting back, trying to find ways of capturing more customers. They're pioneering new ideas, such as providing plastic covers that you lift before you take a dish of sushi off the belt (to counter worries over sanitation), or keeping the fish live in tanks in the restaurant, so the customers can watch as the fish is gutted and sliced fresh right before their eyes. One chain of kaiten-zushi restaurants even operates convenient stores in the same building, allowing customers to sit down and enjoy some sushi while doing their "conbini" shopping.

We've got some really nice new items tonight. The new items include:

  • The new issue of Urecco, which is a wonderful issue, featuring many of the girls J-List fans want to see
  • More stock of the best-selling Immoral Lesson, starring Fubuki Akira, the #2 selling video in J-List's history (second only to Baby Oil)
  • Fresh stock of many of the manga volumes that had sold out in the past, including more copies of "King of Sperm" -- see the Hentai Manga page for the new items
  • An update to the S&M/Fetish photobook page, with some nice new items for fans of bondage and "cosplay" and women from the "hitozuma, or married women genres
  • A great update of special-order adult videos, including Race Queen, Contrary Soap Heaven, let fetish, and more
  • For collectors, we've got in a great supply of English-language Pokemon cards, that are in stock and ready to go out to you now.

We hope you're having a warm and pleasant middle of the week. See you on the web!

Greetings from J-List October 27, 2000

Happy Friday from J-List, now with 20% more Pocky!

The Japanese bishojo game Tokimeki Memorial is one of the most popular games ever to come out of Japan, and has sold over 1.1 million copies in its various forms, making Konami one of the major game companies in the country. Now Japanese investors can own a piece of the Tokimemo legacy, with a new Tokimemo Fund that was recently created. Basically, investors buy shares of the fund, which is tied to the future performance of the Tokimeki Memorial licensing franchise. The more popular the games and characters become, the higher the shares will rise.

The Sogo department store chain is the latest casualty of the beleaguered Japanese economy. The massive debt run up by the unprofitable chain finally caught up with it, causing closure of dozens of the company's stores all around Japan. As part of a government-assisted bailout, the chain's creditors will receive payment for the massive debts, but the total bill comes out to $15 for every Japanese citizen. One factor in the chain's failure is probably slowness in adapting to changes in the world around it. Typing into a web browser brings up nothing -- the company had not even created a homepage. Close competitor Takashimaya, however, has a highly developed web ( that you can even buy products from.

For this weekend's update, we've got some extra special items, including:

  • First, even more of our extremely popular $5 magazine items -- help us clear out our overfilled stock room
  • Also for lovers of Japanese adult magazines, the new Gal's Dee, the bust fetish magazine for fans of lovely, busty Japanese women
  • For photobook fans, we've got not one, but two lovely new photobooks capturing the #1 AV idol in Japan today, Kawashima Azumi
  • For fans of our high-end bondage photobooks, we've got the excellent new Slave Mania, as well as the new Anal-ko Club, for fans of "Hip and Anal"
  • We've got fresh stock of the Crystal Card nude AV idol collectible cards, on the Photobooks page 1
    Fans of the excellent erotic illustrations of Hawazaki Takuma, creator of Golden Stage and Innocent Age, will love his super new manga, Doctorine of the Sailor Suit (on Manga -> New releases)
  • Also of interest to manga fans, limited stock of three special volumes of the popular "How to draw manga girls" art books, on Manga -> New releases (and cross posted to the art book pages)
  • Love erotic dojinshi? We've got fresh stock of several red-hot books from Okachimentaiko, as well as stock of their newest release, Gorippa 2 (take note, busty female fans)
  • On the newly christened Hentai Magazines page, we've got new in-stock hentai magazines, including extra copies of the newest E-Login
  • Very cool for Yaoi fans, copies of the extremely popular Be-Boy Gold
  • For fans of Japanese snacks, we've got a major update to our snacks, including fresh stock of original as well as the best-selling Men's Pocky, Strawberry Pocky (with real strawberry bits), Milky Candy, the excellent Chelsea Butterscotch candy, and of course, our popular sake candy (with real sake!)
  • Fans of the old classic Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot (a childhood love of Peter's) should check out the Giant Robo Miracle Action Figure toys, on the Anime Toys page
  • We have some copies of the current Newtype in-stock on the Anime & JPOP Magazines page (it's a great issue!)
  • Last, but not least, we've got -- real origami paper, for making classic Japanese origami creations. Each pack contains 49 sheets of wonderfully colored paper for creating origami, and comes with instructions on how to make a Japanese crane. See it on the Wacky Things from Japan page!

We've received word from our calendar distributors that we will have to close orders on Oct 31st -- in past years, we've kept them open into November, with a disclaimer that calendars ordered later in "calendar season" might not be available. Since we'll have to close calendar orders early this year, we again hope -- at the risk of repeating ourselves -- that anyone who is interested in getting a beautiful, large-format, glossy Japanese calendar for 2001 get their orders in ASAP. Thanks!

We hope you have a fun weekend wherever you are. Until next time, we'll see you on the web!

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Greetings from J-List October 25, 2000

Hello again from Japan!

The Japanese love seasons, and Autumn is here in full force. Throughout the country, the trees are turning beautiful shades of yellow and red, and Japanese make regular excursions to the countryside to take in the beauty. For Americans, October means pumpkins and Halloween, but in Japan, the image of the changing of the leaves, and of the full October moon, are very dominant.

There are certain changes that happen to Americans who live in Japan for a long time. For one, you get quite comfortable with the metric system, and start annoying your friends and family by referring everything in centimeters and kilometers. My shoe size is 26.5 cm, but I've long forgotten it in inches, just as I've forgotten how much I weigh in pounds. But the Japanese don't use the metric system for everything. While hectares are used for measuring land sometimes, it's far more convenient to express land in tsubo, which is a unit of measurement equal to two tatami mats. When talking about the sizes of rooms, you never use square meters, but instead refer to the number of tatami mats the room contains (or would contain, if it were a tatami room).

For tonight's update, we've got some very nice items for you, including:

  • First, several in stock issues of some of our most popular hentai game and manga magazines, including PC Angel, Shojo Kakumei, and the best-selling hentai magazine in Japan, E-Login -- see Magazines -> Hentai and Manga -> new releases for these items
  • We have some excellent new photobooks in stock, including a super one by the Queen of Soap, Sakurai Fuka
  • For S&M fans, an excellent new edition of the SM Uniform Collection ("bloomer" edition), along with a very hard core "medical" fetish photobook
  • If you love Japan's unique erotic manga, check out the newly added titles by EX Comics, Peace Comics and Izumi Comics, which are great
  • For MPEG fans, a new magazine & dual-VCD item that gives you 130 minutes of quickie sampler material -- a great value. Find this item on DVD -> MPEG & CD ROMs
  • For Japan AV fans, more excellent in-stock videos on Videos -> New releases, including the excellent panty and mini-skirt fetish video "Fuckin' Cute Mini-Skirt Land"
  • Also ranking very high on the "cool" meter, another hot anime cosplay video, this one parodying Yamato/Star Blazers, Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999 -- see it on Videos -> Theme videos or the special order video pages if we run out of stock
  • For lovers of Japan's beautiful Race Queens, a super cool collectible set of Race Queen cards, on the Idols page, and also on Anime -> Cards and Puzzle
  • We have several in-stock issues of Goods Press, which follows everything that's popular in Japan today -- see these on Magazines page 2
  • For this evening's addition to our Wacky Things from Japan pages, two classic Japanese posters depicting beautiful scenes from the Edo period. One is a reproduction of a beautiful Ukiyoe portrait, and the other is the famous "Red Fuji" image of Japan's most famous mountain
  • For everyone who suffers from puffy or tired legs, we've got cute inflatable foot pillows that raise your feet comfortably. A great item from Japan, also on the Wacky Things page
  • Finally, our JPOP CD customers will have no doubt noticed the disappearance of our JPOP page. We regret not being able to bring as many high-quality, low-price JPOP CDs as we'd like to our customers. We've got a welcome surprise for JPOP fans though -- an infusion of over 30 JPOP CD singles and albums, with lots of very nice items from some of our favorites. As always, J-List's prices on JPOP are the lowest you'll find ever, because we buy CDs from used CD shops. Find the CDs on Anime -> Anime/JPOP Mags & More!

J-List keeps hundreds of our popular Japanese adult videos in stock all the time, but sometimes we get overstocked on certain titles. You can find these marked down videos on the Videos -> Discount page, so check out what we've got!

Monday, January 24, 2000

Greetings from J-List January 24, 2000

Hello from Japan, where, as someone once said, you know no one in the kitchen is horcking in your food.

Well, the performance is finally over. I was nervous, but it came off fine, with only a few mistakes on my part. The kids were wonderful, with performances ranging from Borelo to a dramatic interpretation of the Battle of Aizu-Wakamatsu, where 40 samurai chose to take their lives in seppuku rather than surrender to the forces who were trying to turn Japan into a modern Constitutional Monarchy. See my report on the show, along with a 2.7 mb Quicktime movie, at .

Newly added items in tonight's update include:

  • New magazines, including the new Bejeans, Gokuh and Men's Master
  • Nice back-in-stock photobook items, including the popular "On the Saddle, Sawaguchi Rina's popular Incentive, and many more items
  • Super new Miffy and Hello Kitty stuffed animals, including Military Kitty-chan, on the Anime & Toys page
  • Great all-new items on the Hentai Manga page, as well as more copies of the popular Moon Paradise dojinshi anthology that had sold out before
  • Great new dojinshi posted to the dojinshi page -- check and see

J-List is the only place we know of where you can still get the excellent Bakuretsu Hunter cold-cast figure -- and Tifa, which comes with beautiful styling and detail, and a solid oak base, is only $138 until we run out of stock. We really recommend this great figure!

Sunday, January 23, 2000

Greetings from J-List October 23, 2000

Greetings from Japan, the country with feminine products with names like "Charmy body fit."

Japanese as a language has many elements not found in English, which can be challenging to students of the language. One of these areas is the Japanese system of polite language (keigo), which is used occasionally in extremely formal situations and in business speech. There are two basic functions of keigo: to raise the level of the person you're talking to (called "exhaulting" speech); and to lower your own level (called "humble" speech). There are actually different verbs to use depending on the subject in a polite sentence, so if you said, What will you eat, Sensei? I'm going to eat sushi, you'd use different verbs for the two occurrences of "eat" depending on the subject of the sentence. There's a complex version of this used in business speech. If someone from an outside company calls, asking to speak to your boss, you'd use exhaulting speech to refer to the caller, but humble speech to refer to your boss, as he's a part of your "uchi" or in-group, compared with the person calling from outside.

Related to Japanese polite speech is the honorific "o" that goes in front of some words, to give them a higher status. Words like money (okane), relationships like mother or grandmother (okaasan, obaasan), and so on -- it could be translated as "honorable" in Engish, but of course it's never translated blatantly like that (thank God). It's interesting to notice the patterns of words that take this "o" -- words having to do with death or Buddhism tend to take it (otera = temple, okou = Buddhist incense), yet words related to Shinto (the original Japanese religion) usually don't. Adding the honorific "o" to words sort of "softens" the word, so words related to children or babies tend to take the prefix (omaru = child's toilet, omutsu = diapers). Perhaps for this reason

We usual, we've got a bunch of excellent items for you, including:

  • First of all, even more magazines for our red-hot $5 magazine sale, to replenish items that have sold over the past few days
  • In addition to another addition of books to our magazine sale page (Magazine page 3), we've got several all-new items, including the new issue of Aishite Ageru ("I'll Love You"), a popular "wet" fetish magazine from Japan
  • We have several classic photobooks on the photobooks pages, including copies of the premium Santa Fe by Miyazawa Rie, and more
  • For our leg fetish customers, we've got a wonderful and elegant leg, stocking and high-heel fetish book, Leg Karisma -- see the leg fetish photobook page for this item
  • Like Japanese S&M books? We've got a very special on on the gouka-bon page -- with 50 models and 340 all color pages!
  • J-List sells tons of unique Japanese adult manga, because they're of such incredibly high quality. For our manga customers, we've got a bunch of new, as well as "back from the dead" (previously sold out ) manga titles, with limited stock of several out-of-print items. See Manga -> New items and Manga -> Best-sellers for these items
  • For dojinshi fans, we have fresh stock of the popular Kaiten erotic dojinshi (Sailor Moon and popular game gals), on the dojinshi page
  • We have some excellent new videos by Soft on Demand (a company we really respect), with a new "tekoki" (hand job and penis study) offering, and two great new videos from the lovely Sakura Nana!
  • Also for video fans, two great cosplay videos, with great erotic footage with characters from Eva, Gundam Wing and Japan's most popular fighting games
  • For fans of esoteric toys from Japan, we've got new "Ultra Detail Figures" from the Planet of the Apes movies -- Dr. Zaius, General Urko, and a new soldier ape. Very detailed!
  • Finally, for those interested in unique things from Japan, we've got some "Magic Magnets, small magnets you stick on your body, which increase bloodflow and overall health, according to the Japanese. See them on the Wacky things from Japan" page.

Remember that J-List is one of the few places where you can find the popular adult "dojinshi anthology" manga Lunatic Party (Sailor Moon parody) and Paradise Lost/Angelic Impact (Evangelion). Although these books are out of print, J-List has a special relationship with the publisher, and still have a good supply of most volumes. Anthologies of some of the best dojinishi ever released in Japan, the artwork is fantastic in these books, and each volume has 160+ pages. You can see these extremely cool items on the Manga -> Parody Manga.