Friday, February 04, 2000

Greetings from J-List February 4, 2000

Hello again from Japan, the Origin of the Sun (as seen from China, who thought up the name).

The convenience the Internet brings is no secret to anyone reading this list, but for people like me, ex-pats living abroad, being able to buy any books, music, and computer equipment from my computer, with only a slightly longer delay than if I lived in the U.S., is just wonderful. While the Blair Witch Project is in the theaters here, I've got it on DVD from the States.

I think back to what Japan was like when I arrived, in 1992 -- someone would find a small store that stocked import food, maybe Pringles or M&M's, and all the foreigners would rush over and buy everything they could -- a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos was worth more than its weight in gold to foreigners in Japan back then. Now that Japan's markets have opened, partially as a result of pressure from the U.S. government, there are far more foods and products from the U.S. here. It's good to see the change.

We've got a fine update for you tonight, just in time for the weekend. First and foremost, we've started carrying Licca-chan (Rika-chan) fashion dolls on J-List, starting with the very lovely Kimono series. These are very nice fashion dolls by Takara, designed to be more petite than American dolls, with Japanese girls in mind. After Christmas, when we gave my daughter a Licca-chan doll and some accessories, my wife and I have wanted to carry them on J-List and evangelize Licca-chan to J-List customers ever since. See them on the Anime & Toys page.

Other new items include:

  • New magazines, including the new Gal's Dee, Milky Dolls, and a new monthly, Ai shite ageru (I'll Love You)
  • New official Pokemon cards, in English, as well as our full-deck sets of Japanese cards, all in stock
  • New items on the deluxe S&M & fetish book page, including a lovely bondage book featuring some of J-List's most popular idols
  • A healthy update of our popular adult manga, on the hentai manga page, with a half-dozen new additions
  • The new DVD & Video CD Soft Catalog, a great magazine with two full VCDs and nearly 2 hours of sampler footage
  • For fans of our "reserve subscriptions, two additions: Colorful Manpukusei (the first monthly hentai manga magazine with all-CG content) and Shojo Kakimei (erotic manga for women) -- see them on Reserve Magazines page 2.

We've also got stock of the popular Yellows CD ROM series, through which Japanese photographer Akira Gomi documents the female nude body. We've got new stock of Yellows 2.0, Yellows 20 Years Old, and for people who want to see American women through the eyes of the Japanese, Americans 1.0 (see all on the CD ROMs page).

Thursday, February 03, 2000

Greetings from J-List February 3, 2000

Greetings from Japan, birthplace of karaoke, tomato pretzles and gummi candy shaped like a woman's breasts.

We got a lot of comments on Japanese superstitions and beliefs from Monday's update. They are very complex and interesting. The system of Yakudoshi, the unlucky year, is based on Buddhist ideas and the native Japanese astrology. There are various smaller unlucky years, but for women the really unlucky year is age 33, and for men, 42. The years before and after the main yakudoshi are also unlucky, and you're not supposed to start business, build houses, or get married around this time. There's another system of lucky/unlucky days that cycles through fourteen days or so. The most unlucky day is "Butsumetu" and the luckiest day is "Taian." Every bride in the country wants to get married on Taian, so they'll have a happy life

There are customs governing the naming of children, too, and before you decide on a name it's customary to talk with your Shinto priest. Based on the number of strokes in the kanji for the name you choose for your children, they might have happy or sad lives. For our son Kazuki, we'd originally chosen the name of Kazuma (peace + horse), but were advised that the stroke number, coupled with the kanji for "horse" (which has some bad connotations), we'd have an unhappy son who might even die at a young age. Not wanting to push things, we changed it to Kazuki (peace + tree). (See the two kanji at .)

Today's update is a nice one. Newly updated items include

  • A huge shipment of some of the most-requested manga items in recent memory, the excellent Viper parody dojinshi anthology series
  • For fans of interesting Japanese snacks, we've added Tomato Pretz (delicious tomato-flavored pretzels) and Hello Kitty Caramels (which come with a free Hello Kitty phone strap)
  • Stock of the popular Photoshot and Photoshot DX issues, which feature some of the nicest photography in Japan, on the photobooks pages
  • Great new special order videos, including new items by Yoshikawa Minami and Kanazawa Bunko
  • New puzzles and Hello Kitty items on the puzzle & cards page
  • More copies of the zany "Seiryoku Zeturin" (a four-kanji word that means "matchless, unequaled sexual power") T-shirt that had sold out (on the T-shirt page)
  • More of the popular Pikachu Alarm Clock that plays the Pokemon theme song (on the anime page)
    Several new and back-in-stock magazine and photobook items

J-List has the last remaining stock of the popular Otaku Publishing English-language hentai games: Ring Out, Return to Paradise Heights, and True Love. They're the last copies that will be made, so if you're interested in trying these hit games (especially Ring Out, which we're almost out of stock of), you should think about picking them up soon. Remember, we've got a great special -- any three hentai games for $100, shipping to the U.S. and Canada included.

That's all. See you on the web!

Monday, January 31, 2000

Greetings from J-List January 31, 2000

Hello to all from Japan on this cool, quiet evening.

Tragedy has struck J-List again, with the sudden death of Kiki, our American Shorthair cat. My mother in law found him dead in the lot behind our house (which is a liquor shop). Our favorite of our three cats, we liked him for his intelligence and the way he would always crawl into our laps. He is survived by Rin Rin and Ran Ran.

We've always kept cats, mainly because my Japanese family believes that if you have cats around, they die in place of the humans if there's some bad luck in store for the family. I'm not sure if it's a Buddhist idea, or just a belief that my family got on their own, but all I know is that right after each of our children were born, one of our cats died (which my wife calls "migawari, a passing of one life in the household as a new one comes in).

It's one of many beliefs (one might say superstition" but I won't, since my wife is on this mailing list) that I'm exposed to, living in a Japanese family, and I always do my best to reserve judgement as best I can. One such belief that my wife and mother follow strongly

We've got some nice additions to the J-List site tonight. Newly added items include:

  • Two absolutely lovely soft vinyl recreations from Princess Mononoke, whose creation was overseen by Miyazaki himself, on the Anime Page
  • Also on the Anime Page, a nice selection of several new only-in-Japan Hello Kitty items, for the little Hello Kitty fan in you
  • New magazines, including new issues of DD Toppers and D Cup Japan (see magazine page 1), in addition to some cool older one-shot magazines (including some cool issues from 1988!)
  • Hentai illustation and "digital comic" magazine/CD ROM combination items, for Mac and Windows, on the CD ROM page
  • A host of new and back-in stock photobooks, including more copies of Tickle, by Horiuchi Nana, and Last Song, by Miura Aika
  • For fans of really cool old things from Japan, a complete set of 13 historical magazines from the 1950's looking back on World War II from the Japanese perspective (on the photobooks page)

Remember that in addition to our "reserve subscriptions" that allow you to reserve issues of current Japanese magazines, J-List has great 6- and 12-month subscriptions to most of our popular magazines, including Urecco, Bejean, Dela Beppin, Gal's Dee, Video Boy and Best Video. And with your subscription, you get 1 or 2 issues, free! See the Magazine Subscriptions page for more information.

All the J-List product pages were broken during Saturday, U.S. time, due to a glitch in our scripts in Japan. Everything was up and running about twelve hours after they went down, and we apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced. Thanks to everyone who emailed us about the problems with the page. (That's what I get for staying up til 2 am making improvements to the site...)

Sunday, January 30, 2000

Greetings from J-List October 30, 2000

Happy Monday, everyone, from your friends at J-List.

For a country that loves English enough to come up with adjectives like "towny, cars with names like Bongo Friendy" and "Super Saloon, and song titles like Body feels EXIT, you'd think there'd be a lot of English in use here. Well, there isn't any more English in daily use in Japan than there is French in the U.S., despite general agreement that French is tres cool." Although every beer and coffee can has an English description of the quality of the item -- "Sapporo beer is made from the finest hops for a delicious taste and refinement" -- you'd be surprised how easy it is to find yourself standing on a train platform with not even a sign in English telling you where the train is headed. Since I read Japanese, I tend not to notice it that much, but whenever I've got friends from the U.S. here, it hits me -- while the Japanese try their best to make foreigners feel welcome here, they don't do that good a job when it comes to marking things in English. It's also quite rare to find someone who can help you in English in a shop, if you need it: despite a massive six years of study in Junior High and High School, and four more if the person went to college

Just a last call for calendar pre-orders -- we'll have to stop taking orders for calendars as of the end of October 31st, much as we regret it. J-List has over 150 great 2001 calendars for you to choose from, with great JPOP calendars (former Speed girls, L'Arc~en~Ciel), super anime calendars (Ah My Goddess, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon), sexy idol calendars (Race Queen Suzuki Fumika, Asakura Megumi), lovely nude calendars (Kanabun)

For this evening, we've got some cool new items for you, including:

  • First, we've got new Japanese adult magazines, including the new Cho Very Good!! (cogals), Iketeru Peach Ass Girls (for fans of "wet" themes), The Sperm Oneesan, and more
  • For photobook fans, we've got several nice items on the photobook pages, including the Waffle Super Collection, featuring a great selection of lovely Japanese girls
  • On the leg fetish photobook, a great item, Windoh! 96, showing what fun you can have with sexy women in skirts and wind machines
  • The very hardcore bondage photobook series Black continues, on the high-end S&M photobook page
  • For hentai fans, some excellent in-stock copies of PC Angel -- see them on the Magazines (Hentai) page
  • Erotic manga fans will enjoy the deluxe size 250+ page hentai manga, Forbidden Meat, on Manga (new releases)
  • We've also got additional fresh stock of manga on the manga pages, mostly new releases and best-sellers, including some very cool items that have sold out in the past months
  • Do you love dojinshi? We've got not one, but *two* new erotic dojinshi works from Okachimentaiko -- great!
  • We have two great new DVDs for you: AV 2000 vol. 1, featuring 20 of Japan's hottest AV gals in a super 120 minute gallery; and Bikini & Underwater Fuck Special, featuring underwater sex, bikini fetishism -- and *English subtitles!*
  • More copies of the New Age Girl's Comic Shojo Kakumei can be found on the yaoi page
  • For fans of our extremely popular wacky Japanese headbands, we've got fresh stock! See them on the Stickers & Headbands page
  • Finally, we have fresh stock of several popular items, including handy Japanese cooking chopsticks, our unique wooden signs ("It is forbidden to urinate here" and "My room"), and the extremely cute "door message" plaques that allow you to tell others when you're in your room or "out of door."

Okay, that's all for now!