Saturday, February 19, 2000

Greetings from J-List February 19, 2000

Greetings from Japan, the home of "soft cream" and "Pal Sweet Diet."

Racism and bias are always bad things, and with population of foreigners in Japan rising -- the official number of registered foreigners is about 1% of the country, which means that the actual number is higher, counting foreigners who are not registered -- that can put pressure on a country. Recently, in Gunma, a man who accidentally killed an acquaintance while wrestling with him tried to blame the crime on foreigners, saying that they were attacked by a gang of Iranians. And in Hamamatsu, near Mt. Fuji, a Brazilian woman was denied entry into a Japanese-owned jewelry store because of her nationality (if she'd been from America or Europe, she'd have been welcome, but she was from Brazil). She sued and won.

On the other hand, sometimes we foreigners deserve some of the bad reputation we get. For example, a certain Korean coin with a very low value passes as a 500 yen coin (worth about $5) if holes are drilled in it. In many old vending machines, you can put in one of these counterfeit coins and get out a 500 yen coin. Theft using altered Korean coins has become a social problem throughout all of Japan, and nearly everywhere you go vending machines have the 500 yen slot disabled. Some years ago, counterfeit telephone cards with metal strips that could foil public phones were all the rage among foreigners and younger Japanese, allowing people to cheat NTT and make free phone calls. To buy the cards, you only needed to go to Ueno Park and find any Iranian -- I must admit to having bought a few myself. Most foreigners here are law-abiding, tax-paying members of Japanese society, but the ones that aren't ruin it for the group at large.

We've got a very special update for you tonight. First of all, we're extremely happy announce that JAST USA is bringing you the excellent Viper M1 hentai simulation game, by Hobibox Europe and Sogna. A positively wonderful game, with full motion animation, beautiful characters and three great hentai stories, the Viper M1 is one of the most requested games ever -- and now it's available in English and Italian!

Viper M1 is one of the best hentai games ever to be bought out in English. To "sweeten the pot" for hentai game fans, we've included the new title in our J-List "Threepack" special -- so you can get any three English games, including Viper M1, shipped to you for just $105 (or $120 outside of US/Canada). See this title on Hentai Games Page 1.

Oh, and one more item -- by customer request, the widescreen Laserdisc of Star Wars Episode 1, the only digital version of the excellent movie that will be released -- but only in international markets, not in the U.S.! Since we received several requests to carry this item, we've made the Japanese version of Episode 1 available to J-List customers for pre-order. It comes out April 7, but order your copy soon to make sure it's available.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Greetings from J-List February 17, 2000

Hello again from Japan, where seemingly all girls rank Audry Hepburn as their favorite actress, and The Bodyguard as their favorite movie.

Japanese pop music is very popular throughout Asia. Recently, the Kinki Kids (a two-man singing team, named after the Kinki region of Japan, not for any sexual deviance they might have) were mobbed by fans in Hong Kong. Singer/idol Noriko Sakai's popular in Asia got so great that she released some singles in Chinese, which was completely unheard of at the time. I saw a commercial for a L'Arc~en~Ciel album recently that consisted of a Thai pop news broadcast about the group, in Thai with Japanese subtitles.

There's a new law in Japan, or at least in Gunma, where we're located -- the Millennium Recycling Law. In an effort to enforce recycling, companies will be charged according to the amount of garbage they generate, and penalized for not using recycled materials. All of the packing materials J-List uses are made from recycled fiber, as we ship nearly everything from the U.S.

Tonight's update features some nice items, including:

  • A wonderful new video by the blazing hot Miura Aika, a lovely new item that features not just the erotic sights of the lovely Aika-chan, but the sounds as well (headphones are recommended, so Aika can whisper sweetly in your ear)
  • Many great regular magazines, including excellent new issues of Video Boy and Best Video, and the new issue of Okay!!
  • A new magazine item we hope to see more of at J-List, Birei, featuring the lovely Sena Wakana (all new magazines are posted on magazine page 1)
  • Several lovely new photobooks, including a great hardcover photobook by the lovely Hitomi Ryo, a "virtual weekend" with your virtual girlfriend, Mizuno Ai, and "Kiss me!" (see photobooks page 1)
  • An update to our popular gouka-bon photobook page, some interesting but potentially disturbing new items
  • For dojinshi fans, more copies of both Dopyu (large-breast fetish dojinshi) and Takashi Fujiyama's lovely Vier
  • On the hentai manga page, more copies of the popular "How to draw manga girls" illustration book
  • For fans of J-List's new Japanese gum, we've added Lotte's "No Time, a refreshing square gum that has little particles that brush your teeth for you while you chew it (on the Japanese snacks page).

The manga & dojinshi sale continues apace, as a lot of items are picked up by people wanting to take advantage of the 10-20% off all items. We've got a lot of stock, but many items won't be available after we sell our existing stock, so please stop by and check out the many great items we have.

The CM-Watch site has been updated with Esumi Makiko's smart shampoo commercial, the Pokka Got it!" canned coffee commercial, Amuro Namie's husband drinking corn soup, and more, so check it out at .

Monday, February 14, 2000

Greetings from J-List February 14, 2000

Hello from Japan, where love and chocolate is in the air. Today is Valentine's Day, and in Japan, that means men getting chocolate from women. I got a nice box of chocolate pretzles from my wife, but my son Kazuki made out much better, getting chocolate from half a dozen girls in his class, as well as his teachers. Men who get chocolate on Valentine's Day are obliged to give a gift (usually white chocolate) on White Day, which is on March 14.

In Japan, the #1 and #2 music producers who are vying for the public's music dollars are Tetsuya Komuro (creator of TRF, Globe, Suzuki Ami, and so on) and Tsunku, creator of Morning Musume. Now Tsunku has taken Morning Musume and two other bands he produces (a four-girl group Taiyo and Cisco Moon and Coconuts Musume, a group of gaijin women from Hawaii) and mixed them up into three new units (in Japanese a "unit" is a musical group): Blue Seven, Yellow Five, and Red Four. All three new units will release singles on the same day in March. Should be good to see.

We've got a lot of great new items for you this evening. The new items include:

  • We got gum! By customer request, we've added unique and hard-to-find Japanese gum to the Japanese Snacks page -- including the caffeine-loaded Black Black, Lotte's Green Gum (the gum that tastes like an evergreen), Sweetie Grapefruit gum, and more
  • Excellent new idol videos, including JPOP music videos by Morning Musume, Pucchimoni and the ultra-popular Utada Hikaru, as well as Fujiwara Norika's idol video
  • By popular demand, we've gotten Digimon cards (the Japanese starter set) as well as excellent Digimon stickers (11 to a pack, just $2)
  • For fans of Pokemon cards, we've got more stock of the English cards, and are closing out our stock -- so check out the prices
  • On the anime & toys page, we've got a Color Change Aki-chan, a doll with hair that changes color when you touch it, and a new Hello Kitty clock item
  • New in-stock adult videos, courtesy of Kaori (who is in charge of the videos)
  • For fans of J-List's high-end S&M photobook page, a great new item, Stupid Angel, featuring an excellent selection of great fetish photos
  • All-new adult wide manga, both normal Hentai Manga as well as a nice Yaoi wide manga.

And speaking of Manga... Announcing the February Manga & Dojinshi Sale! We've got too many manga & dojinshi in stock, and we'd like your help in getting it out the door so we can make room for new items. To help you out, we'll offer a 10% on all manga & dojinshi if you order three or more items. Order six or more items, and get a 20% discount. Since we've got lots of stock of the popular Viper manga, as well as the Lunatic Party and Angelic Impact, it's a great chance to get a lot of manga or dojinshi and save $$$. This offer will run through the end of February.

Also, a simplification on our snacks and cards policy. In the past, we've sold both single-unit and full-box version of snacks and cards/stickers but keeping track of the number of each we had in stock was a challenge. Effective immediately, if you order 10 or more single units of any card, snack or gum item, we'll give you a flat 15% discount (whether it's a full case or not).

That's today's update -- see you on the web!