Saturday, March 11, 2000

Greetings from J-List March 11, 2000

Hello from Japan, where tuna is called "sea chicken."

Trains are a bigger part in the daily lives of Japanese than most Americans, and part of riding trains is checking out the interesting print advertising inside them. Every once in a while, a company will reserve every solitary advertising spot in a train, to attain total saturation of its message. Once Apple did this, and I was surprised to find myself riding a train car filled with "Think Different" ads. Most recently, NTT's Tu-ka portable phone service rented all the advertising spots on a train in central Tokyo to plug their "EZ-Web" service -- one of the many competing new proprietary "Internet by cell-phone" services that keep springing up in Japan. Each poster featured the recent #1 singer and "CM Queen" (as well as the face of Lycos in Japan) Hamasaki Ayumi -- Japan's "new" Amuro Namie.

In addition to heavy competition in the cellular phone industry here, competition is increasing among Japan's 3000 large and small Internet Service Providers, as each tries to add new features to attract people to the Internet. @Nifty pushes their service and lack of down-time, as well as features like fortune-telling right on their site, while NEC's Big Globe supports homepages viewable by portable phones. Sony's ISP, So-Net, allows you to interface the web with a virtual 3D "Postpet" front-end, while AOL Japan struggles to gain market share (with only 43 access points in all of Japan, it's no wonder they haven't done better).

We've got some really nice new items for you this evening, including:
  • First, we've got several excellent old and rare AV videos, including long out-of-print items by many nice AV stars (see in-stock video page 1)
  • Also in the "rare, and bound to sell out very quickly" category, we've got a few copies of the long-lost "Love 4" idol series, which brings lovely nude idol footage of four gals per tape -- including many rare faces like Fubuki Akira, Tohno Natsuko, Aonuma Chiasa, Yoshino Sally, and more (see the Idol & Soft Porn page)
  • Also on the Idol & Soft Porn page, we've got more Matsuda Senna videos in stock, and a lovely video by the most famous and beautiful Race Queen of them all, Fumika Suzuki
  • On the dojinshi scene, three great new additions, including a super Shadow Defense dojinshi with Chinli and Sakura, and a great erotic Nadia book (!)
  • For fans of J-List's unique anime & toys page, we've gotten in some cool Licca-chan items, including the highly cool "Street Licca" (a "cogal" version of Japan's #1 doll, complete with loose socks), and Color Change Kira-chan (a lovely, petite doll that changes her hair color) -- there are also Japanese clothes for fashion dolls
  • Mecha-Ike Older Sister, a nice new "liquid" magazine
  • More copies of several excellent photobooks that had sold out, including the lovely Saira, Hitomi Ryo's Virginity, Miura Aika's Last SOng, and this month's excellent Mini-Suka Deluxe

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  • Wednesday, March 08, 2000

    Greetings from J-List March 8, 2000

    Greetings from J-List, your friend in Japan.

    Three people are dead after two trains collided head-on on the Hibiya Line in Meguro, Tokyo, in a terrible train accident. By chance I was in Tokyo today, so I got a quick call on my "keitai" (portable) by my wife to see if I was alright. Japan's train safety has been called into practice in recent months, after several instances of concrete falling from Shinkansen tunnels.

    In Tokyo, I stopped by Akihabara (the holy Mecca of electronics) to check out what all the fuss over the Playstation 2 is about. While I have to admit that the extra polygons supported by the game's graphics chips made for some of the smoothest 3D I've ever seen in a game console. I found the frame rates of some games to be rather low and limited. Given that high cost of the specialized chips means Sony is supposed to lose money on the console for two years or more, weak sales after the initial rush could turn PS2 into Vietnam for the company. As for the boy who had his Playstion stolen, all is well, and he's got a new unit, thanks to his grandmother -- see the story on ABC News at

    We've got some great new items on the plate for you this evening, including:

    • Great new magazines, including the new issues of the very popular Gal's Shower, Nippon Mini-Suka Club and Okay!
    • A half-dozen or so new erotic manga, on the hentai manga page, including a great new busty manga by Ichiro and Sanwa Comics
    • For members of the Second Otaku Generation, we've got more of the excellent die-cast metal Yamato ship models, including the Andromedia and Desslar's flagship, along with a new Yamato and Captain Harlock's Arcadia, on the anime & toys page
    • New photobooks, including a great new idol photobook (covering Japan's lovely idols)
      Many great additional copies of items that had sold out before, such as Hitomi Ryo's "Virginity" and the excellent Nowon (on the photobooks pages)
    • New gouka-bon photobooks, including books for fans of older and married women ("hitozuma")
    • Three great new tapes in the very erotic Deep Kiss series, which films Japanese women kissing other women then gets their reactions
    • Finally, that rare gift you've been looking for, a great puzzle map of Japan!

    If you want to amaze and impress the Japanese people in your life, J-List has zany, esoteric T-shirts with Japanese slogans like "Dare to be stupid" "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend" and an excerpt from the Japanese constitution. See them all, along with our "Japanese English" shirts, on the wacky shirts page.

    Monday, March 06, 2000

    Greetings from J-List March 6, 2000

    Hello again from J-List!

    Well, Playstation 2 is on sale, after many months of anticipation, and it's an incredible explosion of consumer joy. Millions of PS2's are pouring out of the channel as shops everywhere. In Urawa, near Tokyo, however, there was disappointment. A boy who saved all his New Year's gift money to buy a PS2 had it snatched from his hand by two men on a motorcycle as he walked home. The police were looking into the crime.

    Japanese people are always very happy when one of their own becomes famous outside Japan. Having baseball players like Nomo or soccer players like Shoji Joe in Spain recognized as being "good enough" to make it internationally tickles them to no end -- it was even great to find vain singer Matsuda Seiko's 3-second appearance in Armageddon was a thrill. So they are very happy to see Kudoh Yuki appear in Snow Falling on Cedars, a major Hollywood movie and a big step for Asian actresses everywhere (or so they say). I've been a big fan of Yuki-chan's ever since her days pitching ECC English Conversation schools on TV, and it's great to see her go where so few Japanese have been able to go before. I saw an interview with her the other evening, in which she talked about her great rivalry with Tamilyn Tomita and the difficulties she faced trying to make it in Hollywood. (See the movie's official homepage at

    Tonight's update is another nice one. Newly added items include:

    • New magazines, including the first-ever issue of Cho! Very Good! (featuring the bad girls of Shibuya)
    • Several copies of the excellent and much-requested Lucky Crepu, which features some of Japan's most lovely girls
    • For fans of the rare, a number of trading cards of idols like Amuro Namie, Speed and Max before they were famous
    • For our loyal and much-appreciated JPOP fans, a great update to our JPOP page, featuring a dozen or so new JPOP music singles (including Globe, Oguro Maki and Chinen Rina) -- and remember, our buy-4-get-1-free JPOP sale is going until further notice
    • A wonderful new DVD, featuring sexy race queen Kihara Rei (and it's subtitled in English, Chinese and Korean!)
    • From Kaori, a great update of in-stock adult videos, including Akimoto Yuna's "Let's Cosplay, Shirakawa Narumi Pretty Wife" and several fun train videos
    • A unique and cool item, little "kisekae" (dressable) dolls of Oja-Majo Doremi, a popular girl witch show that my daughter loves
    • For fans of J-List's unique collection of Japanese snacks, we've got Baked Chocolate Pretz, a wonderful tasty pretzel with chocolate baked into it (see the snacks page)

    Well, that's all for now. We hope you have a good Monday!