Monday, April 17, 2000

Greetings from J-List April 17, 2000

Hello again from that zaniest of places, Japan.

One show we like to watch on late-night Japanese TV is "Ranking Kingdom, which ranks the week's top music, movies, and TV shows. They don't stop there, though -- they rank everything from comics to songs sung in karaoke boxes to wiener sausages. (We found that the brand we eat. Kunsei-ya from the Marudai Foods Company, was #2.)

Ranking shows are quite common in Japan. One show ranks the top ten news stories of the past week, based on how much air time they were given. Last week's #1 story was the rumors surrounding the romance of Kimura Takuya of SMAP and singer/actress Kudo Shizuka. One of the most handsome and sought-after bachelors in Japan, it must be a shock to the myriad of his fans to see him pairing up with an older woman like that. I wonder what she knows that they don't?

For today's update, we've got some excellent new items, including:

  • Great new magazines, including the new issue of Men's Master, as well as a special treat: more copies of the excellent Pink Gold, featuring the most important AV stars of the 20th century
  • The excellent Waffle Super Collection, a high-quality glossy photobook-format issue containing lovely photographs of some of Japan's most charming girls (on the photobook pages)
  • More excellent one-shot magazines, including more copies of old issues of Nowon and Photoshot
  • Lots of excellent new manga, on the hentai manga page, including the excellent Feminism Sex Machine"
  • More stock of adult videos, including fresh stock of *all* of the excellent titles by the excellent Soft on Demand (we really do recommend the Deep Kiss series)
  • New gum from Lotte -- a delicious three-pack of gum, with Sweetie, Blueberry and an exotic new flavor, Mungasteen
  • By customer request -- we've got more stock of the "nihonjin kanojo boshuchu" ("Looking for a Japanese girlfriend") T-shirt, on the T-shirts & Costumes page
  • Finally, great new character items, including lovable new Miffy stuffed animals, the "robot of cat type" from the future, Doraemon, and NHK's great character, Domo-kun.

Don't forget J-List's anime, toy & puzzle sale, going on right now. Buy any two items -- from that Captain Harlock or Final Fantasy VIII puzzle you've been eyeing, to the "kogal" Street Licca phone strap to that deluxe Kitty-chan wall clock -- and get 20% off the total for those items. We'll be removing most of our stock from the site soon, for shipping to the U.S., so help us out and save some money! Kaori especially thanks you...