Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Greetings from J-List April 26, 2000

Hello again from J-List, where you've always got a friend in Japan.

I was recently asked what Japanese couples call in each other. Most couples refer to each other by either their names (Kaori, Tomokazu, Chiharu, etc.) or by cute, personalized nicknames that the Japanese seem to invent with ease. My nickname is "P-chan, although I was named after a Siamese cat my wife used to have, not after the famous pig from Ranma 1/2. Also used are two words for you" -- "anata" (used by women referring to their husbands or boyfriends) and "omae" (a rough, almost possessive word used by men to their wives/girlfriends, or to children). A man who uses "omae" to his wife or girlfriend is unconsciously stressing his possession of her, in very subtle tones.

Simple concepts like "you" and "I" can get quite complicated in Japanese. The basic word for "I" is "watashi, and this is what is used in formal settings (also as watakushi"). Girls get a cute version of this word -- "atashi" -- and good boys are supposed to use "boku." Rough and tough boys, as well as men who want to project their manliness, will use the men's word "ore" (oh-rey). Kenshiro, of Fist of the North Star, uses this term. For "you, the formal word is anata, but kimi" (a familiar word for use among friends) and the aforementioned men's words "omae" are a bit more common. A person's choice of what words he uses for "I" and "you" reveals much about his personality and self-image. A cute little girl will use the term "atashi" or "watashi" and play with Licca-chan dolls; young boys, such as my son, will experiment with acting tough by using the word "ore" (think of young Simba from The Lion King

We've got some very nice items for tonight's update, including:

  • Lots of all-new magazines, including the beautiful new Ike Ike Magazine, the fun "violence photo magazine for men, as well as a new soap girl" magazine item and "Komadam Get!!" (for fans of girls in their 20's)
  • For fans of the excellent Lucky Crepu, a truly wonderful Lucky Crepu Deluxe special photobook filled with excellent and lovely photos
  • Fresh stock of the current Best Shot, a wonderful Photoshot-format "mook" featuring dozens of the most lovely faces in Japan, from popular idols to AV
  • Many "oldie but goodie" photobooks, items that had been in stock before but sold out -- including Eichi Bauko's "HB, and Yoshino Sally's excellent Sally!" photobook
  • A great selection of value-priced special-order videos in the popular "New Master Video" series, on the special order video page
  • In case you didn't get enough manga in Monday's update, we've got another dozen or so all-new wonderful adult manga items, with some really excellent new items by some of Japan's most unique and talented hentai artists
  • Finally, fresh stock of some of our most popular Japanese snack items, including Black Black (caffeine keep-awake gum), Lotte No Time (gum for when you have no time to brush), Super Cola Shigekix (super sour "hard gummi"), and more!

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Monday, April 24, 2000

Greetings from J-List April 24, 2000

Greetings from Japan, on this quiet Monday evening.

Remember those Gap jeans jacket commercials they were running a few months ago? They ran the same ads in Japan, too, and they've had an incredible effect on Tokyo young people -- in the streets of Shibuya and Shinjuku, *everyone* is wearing them! In Japan, when something becomes popular, such as "loose socks" or Tamagotchi or strawberry iMacs, they catch on like wildfire and rage until people come to their senses. I wonder what will be next?

J-List is doing some hiring of Japanese staff this week, so I thought I'd explain some Japanese work practices. The three types of jobs in Japan are "albeit" (originally a German word that the Japanese have adopted, it's usually shortened to "baito" in Japanese), or part-time, hourly-wage-based work; "part" (from the English, part time) which denoted half-day hourly work with some benefits such as health insurance; and full employee. Many young people in Japan are "freeters" ("furiitaa") or people who are free from work-related commitments -- they go from baito to baito as they please.

For tonight's update, we've got some nice new items, including:

  • First, manga, manga, and more hentai manga, including excellent new offerings from Sakura Comics, Hot Milk Comics, EC, and more
  • Great back-in-stock photobooks, including more copies of Uchu Girl (the most popular AV gals of the mid-90's), the excellent Saira (traditional Japanese kimono erotica), and more
  • New hard- and soft-cover photobook items by Kikuchi Rie (age 16), Yasuda Ryoko (age 15) and Nakamura Eri (age 15)
  • For Video CD fans, a great selection of "one shot" items, including very unique fetish VCDs, at great prices
  • A great new soft-vinyl toy on the Anime & Toys page for Gizmo fans
  • Also on the Anime & Toys page, great new books for Gundam and modeling fans.
  • More!

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