Saturday, May 20, 2000

Greetings from J-List May 20, 2000

Hello again from Japan. It's a wet, cold Saturday afternoon today, so Chiharu and I've decided to take the kids out for that old Japanese pastime -- karaoke. Karaoke in Japan is usually enjoyed in a "karaoke box, a private room where you can sing without being nervous about how bad your singing is. Since we're going with the kids, we'll try to pick a place that has lots of anime and other songs kids might enjoy. I know I'll be asked to sing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody -- my five year old son's favorite song. Incidentally, if you've ever wondered about what the word karaoke" means, it comes from "kara" (meaning empty or air -- the same "kara" from the word karate), and "oke, an abbreviation for orchestra."

If you've ever wondered why Japanese often have thick accents when speaking English, part of the reason comes from the "phonetic poverty" of Japanese. In American English, there are something like twelve different phonetic vowels. depending on what dialect you speak, along with a host of challenging consonants. But Japanese has just five vowels -- A I U E O (the same five used in Spanish). Further, Japanese is a syllabic language, so words are always conceptualized in consonent-vowel blocks (ka, ki, ku, ke, ko

For this very wet weekend, we've got a very nice update for you all, with many nice new items. They include:

  • First, Fake Out, a great new hybrid magazine featuring lovely photobook-quality photographs, high-grade paper, and interviews and more
  • A rare item, Multiboy Vol. 3, includes photographs and video clips from some rare and hard-to-find actresses from 2-3 years ago
  • We've got a super DVD for Kano Mizuho/Kusanagi Jun fans, from the popular Gallery series -- see the DVD page for this great item
  • For fans of Soft on Demand's unique indies video offerings, we've got another nice "First Lesbian" series video, as well as two great "slow motion" features, capturing great moments in sex on high-speed film (see these on the in-stock video pages, or the by-order video pages if our current stock sells out)
  • There are another half-dozen great hentai manga on the manga page, including the extremely busty "Sadistic Angel" by Caramel-Do
  • Fresh dojinshi, including more stock of several popular titles by the Okachimentaiko dojinshi circle (Buy or Die, Pikaichi, Next, and the all-color Bura-Jiru)
  • New stock of Strawberry Milk Candy and Milky white caramels on the Japanese Snacks Page
  • Many back-in-stock photobooks, including Ozawa Madoka's popular hardcover photobook, Hitomi Ryo's Virginity, Nakamura Eri's Yume, Yoshino Sally's Sally! and more.

Well, I'm off to karaoke. Have a nice weekend, from your friends in Japan, J-List!

Monday, May 15, 2000

Greetings from J-List May 15, 2000

Hello again, on this rainy evening in Japan. A few hours ago the skies were booming and crashing with a fierce thunderstorm that had all of us jumping like scared cats.

The big news from Japan is the death of former Prime Minister Obochi, of complications from his stroke two months ago. Mr. Obochi, who hailed from Gunma Pref. (where J-List is located), was 62 years old, and was the third Prime Minister from Gunma in the history of modern Japan. Better at Japanese-style pooling of opinions rather than single, strong leadership (which doesn't really work in Japan), he was a good man. It's interesting to note that he died on his birthday -- my wife has a theory that people face a specially high risk if they encounter serious health problems near their birthdays, they're more likely to die.

Perhaps in keeping with the Buddhist idea of "migawari" (death occurring to make way for new life), we've got new life, in the form of kittens. Ran Ran, our three-colored cat, safely gave birth to five lovely kittens the other day. Kazuki, my son, wants to name them after the various transformation in Kamen Rider Couger (Titan Form, Pegasus Form, etc.) while Rina wanted to name them after the characters in her current favorite show, Ojama-Majo Doremi (Interrupting Witch Doremi).

We've got some very nice new items for you this evening, including:

  • First, the opening of pre-orders for the upcoming Hentai Anime Poker Expansion Pack vol. 3 & 4 -- preorder now for free shipping! (see it on Hentai Games page 1 or the CD ROM page)
  • Some great all-new photobooks, including Matsumoto Moe's lovely sailor suit pictorial
  • Great new videos, on the special-order video page as well as the in-stock video pages, from Soft on Demane -- a new Fuckin' On offering with Fujitani Shiori, the "First Lesbian" performance of Meifa and Tachibana Kyoko, and a great item -- the "all nude olympics"
  • Speaking of videos, we've got a dozen or so very nice new AV titles available on the special order video pages, including great new items by Morino Izumi, Sakurai Fuka, Asato Yuka -- and a super "Best of Neo Uniform Super Collection"
  • For fans of our excellent Japanese DVD & Video CD, Tomo has finally gotten caught up with most backordered items and posted stock of all popular items -- so you can buy excellent DVD or VCD items and know that they're in stock!
  • We've got all-new adult wide manga posted to the manga page, including a rare Sailor Moon hentai manga that's out of print
  • A dozen new dojinshi, including some very rare and nice items
  • A dozen new JPOP singles, at great prices as always
  • Finally, the last available stock of several Sentimental Graffiti items. These soft vinyl figures have been on the J-List site for more than three years, but our supplier has finally exhausted their stock of these out-of-production figures. See them on the anime & toys page!

We've also added a six- and twelve-month subscription to the popular Beppin School, the long-requested popular magazine from Eichi Publishing, so you can now receive this great magazine each month. See it on the Magazine Subscriptions page!