Saturday, June 24, 2000

Greetings from J-List June 24, 2000

Greetings again from the land of pickled eggplant, curry rice and wine made from onions.

My son, who is five years old and in "Melon" class at his preschool (the school years are all named according to various fruits), had an interesting rite of passage the other night: "sleep over school, where all the children from his class spend their first night sleeping away from their parents. During the evening, the students and teachers play games and have fun activities, and the teachers dress up as ghosts. It's great fun for the kids, and it makes them feel very grown up (since the younger children are too little to go). What amazed me was that my wife had done all the exact same actives in the exact same way back when she did her first sleep over school, twenty-five years before. Despite the generational differences between mother and son, they were able to communicate on exactly the same level about how exciting it was to be away from home for the first time, how they felt when the teachers dressed up as scary ghosts, and so on.

One of the core themes about Japan is that they try to create a uniform society, in which social harmony is generated by the shared experiences of the society's in-group members. Creating this uniformity of life experience is the primary function of the Japanese educational system -- not teaching at all. Everyone goes through the same experiences, in the same order, and this gives them contact points which aid in making friends and social relationships. There are no aspects of public elementary and junior high school that aren't uniform all over Japan, from textbooks to the wearing of uniforms. There are no year-round schools or special tracks for gifted or slow-learning students, no skipping grades, and of course no home-schooling -- everyone experiences everything the same way. While Americans almost universally look on this kind of over-uniformity in a negative light, I can't help but think that much of the high quality of life Japan enjoys today comes as a result of the Japanese way of doing things.

For this weekend's update, we've got some extra special items, which include:

  • First of all, the excellent new Urecco, featuring a great selection of wonderful Japanese AV idols and models, including Kumano Pooh-ko, Uehara Mai, and the sizzling Asato Yuka
  • There are great new photobooks added, including the immensely wonderful School Wear Collection, a wonderful file of the most popular high school uniforms in Tokyo, modelled by Kanazawa Bunko, Ozawa Madoka, and other sexy models
  • The latest issue of the popular Denno Buto Musume (Electronic Fighting Girl) series, the popular anthology of erotic game-girl dojinshi manga
  • For dojinshi fans, a dozen or so new titles, including some nice new adult items
  • Two excellent tekoki" (hand-job) videos from the excellent Soft on Demand, featuring Asamiya Junko, Nagase Lum, and a host of others -- see them on Special Order video page 1 if our stock runs out on the in-stock pages
  • Another excellent new DVD, The Best Obscene Collection, compiling 130 minutes of wonderful erotic performances by world-class AV idol Yuki Maiko -- see it on the DVD page
  • If you like wacky toy items from Japan, we've got "iDog, a remote-controlled robot dog that comes in iMac-like colors and skeleton" (translucent) plastics
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Thursday, June 22, 2000

Greetings from J-List June 22, 2000

Hello from Japan. Chiharu and I are back in the Land of the Rising Sun after 24 hours or so in transit. Spain was wonderful, but it is nice to be home.

Coming back from Europe to Japan has been a new lesson in reverse culture shock. Jerking ourselves out of the relaxing and slower-paced style of living that the Spanish enjoy and coming back to busy, bustling Japan has been a little difficult. Quite used to going back and forth between California and Japan, Europe was a while new collection of interesting experiences for us. Just to make it more fun, I heightened my sense of cultural displacement last night by watching, back to back, the U.S. Godzilla followed by Godzilla vs. Destroyer with my son.

While we were away, the mother of Emperor Akihito passed away at the age of 97. A formal, strict woman, Japan's version of the Queen Mum was known for being cruel to the current Empress, Michiko, who came from common blood (actually she is from Gunma Prefecture, not far from where J-List is). Japanese use formal titles when referring to the Royal Family, and never use their names -- Emperor Akihito is known as the Heisei Emperor, since Heisei is the current age according to the Japanese calendar. Since it's taboo to write anything bad about the Imperial Family in Japan, you'll never see news of the troubles between Michiko and the Emperor's mother on any news show. Actually

Last week also saw the death of Takeshita Noboru, a particularly corrupt politician who once controlled the most powerful faction of Japan's elite Liberal Democratic Party. A kingmaker, he held the power to decide who would be Prime Minister -- he even took the leadership of the country for a short time. In the style of disgraced Japanese politicians, he never left office, continuing to win his home election and remaining a force in Japanese politics even after stepping down as Prime Minister.

For tonight's update, we've got a host of very special items for you, including:

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