Saturday, July 15, 2000

Greetings from J-List July 15, 2000

Greetings again from Japan, land of raw fish and onion wine.

Japanese TV can be quite interesting. On one variety show, contestants compete with business plans, and the show awards the winners money to try their businesses out, all while filming their progress each week. One girl decided to start a tako-yaki (fried batter balls with octopus inside) stand in Barcelona, Spain. Each week, the show reports on what troubles or success she's had getting the Spanish to eat tako-yaki.

There's a fun game Japanese kids play, called Shiritori ("Take the End") Game. To play, someone things of a word -- say, chopsticks, which is "hashi" in Japanese. Then the next person takes the last syllable -- "shi" -- and thinks of a word that starts with this syllable, say, shiatsu (although a child wouldn't think of a word like that). The next person continues, with a word that start with "tsu" and so on. In Japanese phonetics, the only consonant that can appear by itself without a noun after it is the letter N, so in Shiritori Game

For tonight's update, we've got some very nice items, which everyone here has worked hard to bring you, including:

  • First, many excellent new magazines, including the new Urecco (lovely as usual), the new issue of the popular Gal's Shower (kind of the anti-Urecco, if ever there was one)
  • For fans of back-issues of popular Japanese magazines, we've got several premium older issues of Urecco and Dela Beppin, featuring such impossible-to-find gals as Fubuki Akira, Ariga Miho, Aonuma Chiasa and Tohno Natsuko -- see the Back Issues magazine page, before these items sell out
  • A slew of wonderful hardcover photobooks, including Morishita Junna's lovely "Junnai" photobook, Sasaki You's sold-out "F Cup College Student" feature, and the excellent Nude Grand Prix 21 by Garo Aida, all on the photobooks pages
  • For our high-quality S&M/fetish photobook fans, we've got the new "Bishojo Anal Senka" on the "gouka-bon" (gorgeous book) photobook page
  • We have tons of great new stock of some of the most popular Soft on Demand videos, including the best-selling Morishita Kurumi Fan Thanks Day (a favorite of Tomo's and mine), the First Les series, and the very popular "tekoki" videos (hand job videos) -- see the SOD in-stock pages
  • Also in stock, some fresh videos from the "golden age" of Japanese AV, including the "best of" performance video of the lovely Aonuma Chiasa
  • Fresh stock of a dozen or so adult manga, including the popular Blue Eyes series
  • Also, fresh stock of the really cool G-Taste hentai art books by the popular Yagami Hiroki
  • A Gamilas (Gamilon) cruiser has been sighted on the Anime Toys page
  • On the Anime Cards & Puzzles page, a really cool item for long-time anime fans: the Animage 20th Anniversary card series, featuring all the covers from the long-running anime magazine over the years. Very cool indeed...
  • Finally, a bunch of cool new Wacky Japanese T-shirts for you, including several great new designs guaranteed to cause confusion and head-scratching among Japanese people who should see your shirt.

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Monday, July 10, 2000

Greetings from J-List July 10, 2000

Greetings from Japan, the original home of "Pepsi Man."

I got some questions about insurance practices in Japan, so I thought I'd talk about the Japanese auto insurance system. All drivers are required to have minimal insurance that covers you if your car injures a pedestrian or passengers in another car; insurance that covers liability against damage done to other cars is optional, but a good idea. When an accident occurs, the police come and survey the situation. They assign responsibility for the accident based on predetermined criteria, at which time the two insurance companies talk it out -- traffic accidentally never end in lawsuits in Japan. When two moving vehicles are involved in an accident, blame is always shared by both parties, even if one driver is more at fault than the other (as in the case of Kaori's accident). It's a good system that seems to work well -- insurance payouts are kept small, which keeps insurance costs low as well, and there's little chance for fraud or dishonesty. The Japanese are consciously aware of the overly litigious nature of American society, and actively try to create structures that allow disputes to be settled without resorting to lawsuits. (If you want to see poor Kaori's damaged car

Following up my list of the wealthiest individuals in Japan, I found an article listing the current most valuable Japanese corporations, based on their capitalization. The top ten Japanese corporations are NTT Docomo (NTT's portable phone maker), NTT itself, Toyota, Sony, 7-11 Japan, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (the largest Japanese bank), Softbank (Pasocon shop), Hitachi

We've got another great update for you, with many new items, including:

  • Not one, not two, not three, but four excellent videos by the lovely bad girl of Japan AV, Miura Aika -- on the newly christened "Classic AV Stars" page, or at the top of video catalog page 1, if the videos we have in stock sell out
  • Response to our $5 magazine sale has been great, so we've added a dozen or more items, including great issues of Men's Master, Nippon Mini-Suka Club, and all the great magazines of Eichi Publishing. See magazine page 3 for the discounted items, before they are claimed
  • Also newly posted on magazine pages 2 and 3, many great "one shot" magazines, including older issues of popular magazines, which always sell out very quickly
  • For fans of the latest and greatest Japan's adult magazine world has to offer, the excellent new issues of Gokuh and Bejean are posted to magazine page 1
  • We've got some excellent new photobooks, including some very wonderful erotic leg fetish offerings, a great Race Queen photobook, Midnight Gals (a wonderful non-nude photobook featuring the stylish ladies of Tokyo's cabaret clubs), and more
  • Hentai manga fans haven't been forgotten, with a half dozen or more all-new erotic manga titles, including the new Sabaku (bondage manga anthology), and several excellent new hentai wide manga by Peace, Seraphim, AV Comics, and more
  • Also for adult manga fans, we've got two great new volumes of the classic Bishojo Syndrome hentai manga anthology by Fusion Product. One volume deals exclusively with erotic game-girl parodies from popular video games, and the other covers the current crop of popular anime parodies!
  • There are more excellent and very affordable JPOP CD singles on the JPOP page
  • Last, but not least, even more wacky Japanese headbands, for when you want to announce that special feeling to everyone by tying a cloth message around your head.

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