Friday, August 04, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 4, 2000

Good evening from all of us at J-List.

What a day we've had. A freak electrical storm rained lightning and thunder on us, all while the sun was shining. The rain eventually caught up, and doused the J-List office with bizarre hail and fat "plum sized" raindrops (as the Japanese say). The lightening caused multiple power outages, stopping all work and temporarily corrupting our database. For a finale, lightning struck either the J-List office's lightning rod or else very nearby -- and took with it both our cable radio hookup (which allows us to hear radio stations in New York and Los Angeles if we choose to), as well as our prized possession, our large 4-hp air conditioner. Without our lovely aircon, all we can do is open the windows and sweat. We'll get it fixed as soon as we can.

There's another fun game Japanese kids play, called Fruits Basket. It's called Fruits Basket, rather than Fruit Basket, because for phonetic reasons, it's easier for Japanese to put the "s" sound on some English words when they use them in Japanese. (Words like suit and suitcase get used in Japanese as "suits" and "suitscase, regardless of plural/singular, for the same reason.) To play, make a circle of chairs, one for each person, minus one chair. One person is it, and stands in the center. When I was teaching English to kids and high school students, we'd take the grammatical rule or function we were working on for the day, then base the game on that. For example, if we were working on yes/no questions, the person who was it" would ask a question to the group -- "Do you like sushi?" for example -- and students who answered "yes" would have to jump up and change seats, avoiding the seat next to them of course. If all the seats were taken, they would be "it" and would have to ask a question to the rest of the class.

Just in time for the weekend, we've got some excellent new items for you on the J-List site, including:

  • First, new magazines, including the truly excellent new issue of Pink Gold, one of my favorite new magazines from Japan
  • For fans of older issues of magazines, which feature girls who are hard to find or retired now, we've got some classic Urecco issues from 1998, including the super-cool Suzuki Fumika Urecco cover, on the magazine back-issues page
  • We always have great photobooks at J-List, and we've got a bunch of new ones, including the excellent "Pheromone" photobook, featuring some of the most popular AV idols in bizarre and erotic photos, as well as the excellent brand-new hardcover erotic photobook by the lovely and popular Hirosue Nao
  • For leg fans, there's a totally new concept -- a "see through" fetish photobook, for people who love see-through clothing, panty lines, transparent silk stockings, and more
  • Race queen fans, see the additional copies of the "Angel Kiss" photobooks on the photobook pages
  • There are new erotic wide manga on the manga pages, including The Pink Purgatory by Peace Comics, and the new issue of Electronic Fighting Daughter's, the excellent parody of game girls manga
  • There are a bunch 'o' new videos on the in-stock video pages (new releases), including new performances by Yumeno Maria, Sakurai Fuuka, and one of my favorites, the contemporary Japanese cutie Mitsui Eri
  • Also new from SOD, a great new video in which a man is molested by four lovely women, who perform everything from "fella" to "tekoki" on him. If he can keep from coming for 60 minutes, he wins 300, 000 yen. Great for fans of SOD's wacky style.
  • Two great long-playing DVD items are in stock -- the excellent Seven Vol. 3 (featuring seven new lovely AV angels) and the new Hall of Cosplay, with 130 minutes of excellent costume play for you -- on the DVD (Gallery) page
  • For fans of the lighter side of Japanese pop culture, we've got stock of the popular "Digimon Wars" toy & snack combos, little toy sets that reinact battles in the Digimon universe. See these only-from-Japan items on the anime snacks page (on the snacks master category).
    We have more stock of our popular T-Dog 2000 (the Japanese robotic dog toy), the Giant Robo "miracle fiture, the really cool Blair Witch" Kubrick toys, and "Hair Color Change Aki-chan" (see them on the anime toys and fashion doll pages)
  • Finally, a new item -- "Shiatsu Flower, a set of small, bumpy PVC massage balls" that allow you to massage tired hands and feet with Japanese shiatsu.

Remember that there are both adult and non-adult versions of this mailing list. If you're under the age of 18, or are not interested in hearing about the adult products J-List carries but still want our wacky updates from Japan, please reply to this email and ask us to switch you the general mailing list. If you're on the general list but want to hear about new 18+ products we carry, please ask to be added to that update list instead. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 02, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 2, 2000

Hello again from J-List!

It's summer, and at MOS Burger, the popular alternative to McDonald's here in Japan (MOS stands for "mountains, ocean and sky" in case you wondered), it's time for their Summer Nan Festival. Nan is the soft Indian bread that's very popular here in Japan -- Indian food is to Japan what Mexican food is to the U.S., I'd say, the #1 most popular ethnic food -- and MOS Burger has brought out a line of "Nan Dog" (a hot dog folded into a piece of Indian bread). There are three flavors: spicy curry, salsa and my favorite, caeser salad. I found the combination of nan, hot dog and caeser salad to be just delicious

The Japanese have several collective quirks that are interesting to observe. For some reason, they find it easier to pronounce words like JAL (Japan Air Lines), ANA (All Nippon Airways) and even VIP as words (i.e. "jal" "ana" "vip") rather than as a series of letters. The word VIP sounds very odd when you hear it pronounced as a word for the first time. They don't do this for all words, though. When I pronounced ELT, the universal nickname for the Japanese pop band Every Little Thing, as a word -- i.e., elt -- Kaori corrected me.

Tomo, Kaori, Cristian and myself have been working hard on today's update. The new items include:

  • First, more new magazines, including the excellent new issues of Bejean and Suppin, two of the most popular magazines from Eichi Publishing
  • More popular back-issues of older Japanese magazines, including a really cool issue of Urecco with Yuuka on the cover (premium)
  • Several excellent new photobooks, including "Secret Idol, Rank A, several wonderful leg fetish items, and more -- see the new items at the top of the Photobooks page 1
  • The wonderful first portlait" (sic) of Takamatsu Ai, a magazine & Video CD combination item, at the top of the CD ROM page
  • Also new, the first A4 size "gouka-bon" format book we've seen, for fans of beautiful high-end "traditional bondage in Japan, on the S&M/fetish photobooks page
  • We've got fresh stock of some of our best-selling photobooks, too, including the red-hot Miura Aika 1999 Photobook and Kusanagi Jun's Memorial"
  • For fans of wacky, we've got several varieties of disposeable chopsticks on the Trendy Goods page (on the Anime master-page), including beautiful balsa chopsticks, and my own favorite, old reliable bamboo
  • Also on the Trendy Goods page, a brand new category for J-List -- Japanese "cooling pads." A great item that's widely used here in Japan, these menthol pads are placed on parts of your body that are sore or stiff -- your feed or thighs after walking, for example, or your neck after a hard day's work. They're even used if you're feeling feverish or frustrated. Carried by customer request, we've added these items to our selection of Interesting Items from Japan.

It seems my comment about Murasaki Shikibu inventing hiragana might was not correct (similar to Al Gore inventing the Internet). There's an interesting article on the evolution of Japan's unique writing system at .

Well, see you on the web --

Monday, July 31, 2000

Greetings from J-List July 31, 2000

Hello from Japan, that hot, humid but eminently fun country.

Well, Japan officially has a 2000 yen note, now that the new bills are in circulation. Previously Japan has had an enormously simple currency structure, with only 1000, 5000 and 10, 000 yen notes. The new bill is quite beautiful, with a depiction of Murasaki Shikibu (the author of A Tale of Genji and creator of the hiragana syllibery) and a famous temple in Okinawa on the other. If you want to see what it looks like, the links are and

Summer is a wonderful time for festivals as a way of taking your mind off the hot sun here in Japan. The other day we attended a great local festival in which preschoolers from several area schools put on performances for everyone. My son Kazuki and his class put on a great performance using Japanese taiko drums, and I filmed and made a little movie using our Macs and iMovie. If you're interested in seeing a slice of life from Japan or just like Japanese kids playing Japanese taiko drums, the link is . I also finally got around to posting some of my images from Spain, if you're interested in seeing some of what we saw in Malaga and Barcelona. The link is . (Both pages require Quicktime 4.)

For tonight's update, we've got some nice new items, including:

  • First, new issues of our excellent Japanese magazines, including Video Boy, Best Video, and the very popular Beppin School
  • In addition to our excellent magazines, we've got several great back-in-stock photobooks, including more copies of Mezame by Nishihara Kyoko, Kusanagi Jun's Kubire 2 and Hitomi Ryo's excellent Virginity hardcover photobook
  • For fans of gouka-bon, Japan's excellent and rare S&M and bondage/fetish photobooks, we've got several new and available-again offerings, including some great bondage, butt-friend, lesbos and "new half" items
  • There are a half-dozen or so excellent new manga on the manga pages (on the "new releases" page), including some excellent offerings by Peace Comics and Zero-Shiki Comics
  • If you're a dojinshi fan, we've got more dojinshi for you, including fresh stock of the excellent Burajiru and Buy or Die, by Okachimentaiko
  • Hentai CG art book fans will appreciate the additional copies of Ohno Tetsuya's "Pussy Cat" on that page
  • We've got more excellent and fun new videos in-stock, including SOD's "Won't you Tekoki?" series, various new videos in the popular Idol Shower (sperma) series, Hoshino Mai's "Lewd Woman" video performance, Kawashima Azumi's deflowering, and more -- see these videos on the Japan AV Gals and SOD pages
  • If you like our funky Japanese items, we've got some more for you -- including a new "it is forbidden to urinate here" sticker as well as the universal Japanese "emergency exit" sign, and more -- see them on the Anime (Trendy Goods) page
  • We still love those Japanese headbands, and have some fresh stock for you
  • There is another volley of new JPOP items, including some nice "maxi singles" (long-playing singles)
  • Finally, I loved the old corny Japanese robot & rubber monster show Giant Robo (in America, it was shown as Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot). We've got the villain robot, GR2, on the anime toys page, a wonderful "miracle action figure" for any Japanese toy fan.

Remember that J-List carries the only bizarre, esoteric T-shirts with Japanese slogans on them you're likely to find anywhere in the world. Our currently best-selling T-shirt says "Beware Perverts in the Area" and is a great way to get some attention from Japanese people.