Thursday, August 10, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 10, 2000

Hello again from Japan, the country that brought you "Creap, a coffee creamer (the name is short for creaming powder").

Well, we've got good news all around here. First, the large air conditioner here at J-List is back on-line, to the joyous rapture of everyone here. We were afraid the whole unit would need to be replaced, but it was only one circuit board. Kaori also got good news this week: both her car and her Strawberry iMac both came back, repaired. So things are looking up for us here.

Part of the fun of having kids is reliving your own childhood through their eyes. My son Kazuki became a fan of Gundam Wing while in the U.S., so I decided to break out my LD's of Zeta Gundam and watch them with all with my son. It's really "natsukashii" (er, nostalgic) to enjoy Zeta Gundam, one of the "formative" anime series that shaped my early Japanese Childhood -- that is, the childlike period of wonder and exploration a person goes through when they learn a second language. Now Kazuki and I have converted our Brio wooden train layout into a city for Gundams to battle in -- it's great for my Peter Pan syndrome.

For today's update, we've got some excellent items, including:

  • First, great new magazines -- including the new issues of Penthouse and Penthouse Special. Penthouse is a wonderful Japanese magazine made completely with Japanese models and photographers, with excellent quality throughout.
  • For fans of our single-issue Japanese backissues of popular magazines, we've got more copies of Urecco and some great issues of The Best, on the Magazine (backissues) page)
  • By popular demand, we now carry the excellent Colorful Pure Girl, the "digital cute girl magazine, as a monthly reserve subscription" item -- see the magazine subscriptions pages for this item
  • We've got several excellent photobooks, including the lovely Horikoshi Nori's first photobook, Cotton
  • On the other side of the "tasteful eros" spectrum, we've got the new issue of BD Junkies, a great 160 page all color gouka-bon format book for fans of bondage & discipline
  • We have three wonderful new videos from Soft on Demand, including two excellent "chin chin kenkyu" (study of penis by inexperienced young women) videos, as well as the excellent new Deep Kiss vol. 11, another great 90 minute special
  • I'm a big fan of Japanese onsen (hot spring baths), and so I'm very happy to announce that J-List now sells three varieties of onsen bath powder for your bath. Based on famous hot springs in Japan, including Atami Onsen (near Mt. Fuji) and Kusatsu Onsen (right here in Gunma, where J-List is based), you can find these on the Trendy Goods page (on the anime master category)
  • Finally, we've got another wacky, fun item -- a wooden plaque version of the "It is forbidden to urinate here" sticker that has sold so well. Hang it in your room and impress your future Japanese in-laws! (also on the Trendy Goods page)

J-List advertises in several anime and manga magazines, including Protoculture Addicts and Viz's Pulp. It's hard to know if our ads are effective, though. If you saw J-List as a result of ads in one of these magazines, will you shoot us an email and let us know? Thanks.

Tuesday, August 08, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 8, 2000

Happy Monday from a very hot J-List!

We're still working without our main aircon, during one of the hottest summers in recent memory in Japan. It's hot and humid -- makes me remember growing up in Maryland/Virginia as a child -- but made even worse by J-List's windows. When we built the J-List office, I insisted that we install double-pane glass (called "pair glass" in Japanese), to keep the heat in the winter. Unfortunately, with the air conditioner broken, the glass is doing its job, and the effect is that the interior of J-List is at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than it is outside. The repairman is coming on Tuesday -- our fingers are crossed that he can fix it quickly.

The Japanese are known for doing many things well, but I'm fast becoming aware of the "electric fan gap" between Japan and the West. Japan has some wonderfully complex electric fans, from tricked-out fans that have remote controls, timers so they turn off after a set number of hours, and selectable rotation settings to wall-mountable units and more. One thing they haven't invented, however, is the slim, square fan that sits on a windowsill and blows air in directly from outside, which are quite common in the U.S. We've got several nice Japanese electric fans with many great features, which cost us anywhere from $30 to $60 each. The windowsill fan I got at Walmart and brought back with me was around $7.

Despite the lack of air conditioning, we've got a nice selection of excellent new products for you this evening, including:

  • Great new magazines, including the new Panst Dream, Bloom, Natural Amateur Gal, and a super item for bathing suit fetishists -- as always, new magazines can be found on magazine page 1
    More of our popular back-issues of older magazines, including issues of Urecco from 1996, 1997 and 1998 (see the magazine backissues page)
  • We've got several back-in-stock photobooks, including the excellent Cosplay Cuties, which sold out in record time (see the photobooks pages)
  • Speaking of cosplay and cuties, we've got the absolutely fabulous new photobook by Matsuoka Yuki, of past Cream fame, a wonderful new work by photographer Aida Garo -- see it on Photobooks page 1
  • For our manga fans, there are several excellent new erotic manga offerings on the adult manga page, including "Onnanoko." Seraphim's answer to eros told from a female point of view
  • If you like J-List's selection of Japan AV videos, we have several new offerings, including a new "Violent Lips" video featuring Aoi Minori, the new "Neo Uniform Collection" with Sakurai Fuuka (both on the Japan AV Today page), a great classic "Fuck de Paradise" video from Yuki Maiko (the "Classics" page) and a new offering from SOD -- "Tsukasa Loves Vibrator"
  • For fans of Japanese "kawaii" stuff, we've got two new items: Hello Kitty chopsticks, and an extremely cute wooden door sign so you can let people know if you're at home or "out of door"
  • More stock of items on our popular Japanese snacks page, including Sake candy, Pocky and Japanese traditional "kuro-ame" (Black hard candy) that is just delicious
  • Finally, by popular demand, more of our wacky reflective Japanese stickers, including "it is forbidden to urinate here" (both versions) -- see Wacky Japanese Stuff->Wacky Japanese Headbands for these items.

Remember that J-List has a great selection of English-language adult anime RPGs, including JAST USA, Milky House, Hobibox Japan, Otaku Publishing, and more. If you're interested in these great romance simulations, translated into English and with no mosaic censorship, please browse our Hentai Games category and see what you like.