Saturday, August 19, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 19, 2000

Hello again, on this fine Saturday afternoon (Japan time). I'm putting the finishing touches on today's update, and then I'm going to do some Saturday-type things, like go shopping and wash the Saturn. (Yes, we live in rural Japan yet drive a Saturn, the first sold in the prefecture...)

It's often said that Japan is anywhere from 10 to 25 years behind the U.S., socially. Looking at the delayed adoption of child carseat laws, it seems to hold true most of the time. It was just about ten years ago that the concept of "political correctness" entered the English mindset, and sure enough, I see slow signs of it taking root here. First, it's become slightly taboo for the teachers at my kids' school to say "mother" or "father, since some of the kids come from single-parent families. Instead, the generic word hogosha" (care-giver) is the new term. Also, the Japanese have finally figured out that "skin-color" (hada-iro) is not really a suitable name for a crayon.

Still, Japan remains a pretty stable place, where 90% of the people pretty much agree on the way to raise kids and get things done from day to day -- this is "joshiki" (common sense). Babies are born in hospitals, all kids go to school, and the father in a family is the "daikoku-bashira" or the large, black pillar that holds the house up -- i.e., he is the central provider for the family. Ideas that are seen as radical, such as homeschooling, just don't take root here. Another concept that just never got a foothold in Japan is American-style feminism. My wife recently watched a Japanese show about Gloria Steinem, which detailed the views and positions of the American movement. To say that she

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