Saturday, August 26, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 26, 2000

Hello again from J-List, your #1 source for cool stuff from Japan!

The Japanese language is awash with loan words, most of which come from English -- words like "situation" and "category" and "industrial designer" are used in Japanese pretty much as-is. The more cosmopolitan the speaker is, the more English they'll pepper their Japanese speech with, just as English speakers sometimes use French terms while they speak. Sometimes a "stylish" word such as "necklace" will be imported, with the original Japanese word ("kubiwa") changing in meaning (now it refers to a dog's collar).

Japanese didn't always import a lot of English words, however. Before and during World War II, Japan had close relations with Germany, and as a result, many of the loan words Japanese use in their daily speech, such as arbeit (a part-time job, which often gets shortened to "baito" in Japanese), karte (a medical chart) and anket (a questionnaire) are not English at all. (Disclaimer to our German customers: we may be wrong about the spelling and/or actual origin of these words, sorry if so.) This doesn't stop students of English from using these words in English, of course

For this weekend's update, we've got some very nice items for you, as always, including:

  • New magazines, including the very nice new issue of Men's Master, featuring lovely nude features by Asato Yuka, Kouda Hitomi and Yoshikawa Minami
  • A large number of new photobooks, including vol. 1-5 of the nice "Privacy" series, a line of hardcover photobooks documenting the lovely "private room" nudes of five wonderful Japanese ladies
  • As always, we've got some popular back-in-stock items for you too, among them the very nice So Long photobook by Fubuki Akira (another 8 copies in stock, since last week's sold out so quickly), and Ozawa Madoka's lovely hardcover photobook
  • On our magazine backissues page, we've got several premium issues which will likely go quickly, including a very rare issue of Penthouse with a certain Taiwanese lady on the cover
    We have two new killer hentai artbooks on the Artbooks (Hentai) page (on the manga & dojinshi master category)
  • For those who love Soft on Demand's creative approach to AV making, a new installment in the excellent "Fuckin' On" series with Okazaki Mio
  • Also from SOD, the end-all in leg-fetish videos: a super 90 minute video covering all the bases, including silky stockings, sexy high-heels and up-skirt shots, leotard fetish, and more --quoth the English on this cover, The fetish heaven has been full of legs
  • In addition to fresh stock of the endlessly cute Morning Musume collectible cards, our stock of the busty idol group "Pirates" collectible cards is down to $1 a pack -- see them on the Anime Cards & Puzzles page
  • Since the world can never be too wacky, we have several interesting new items on the Trendy Goods page -- including more interesting wooden signs to decorate your room with, even more of our wacky Japanese reflective stickers, a new "Buddhist bead" item suitable for use as a bracelet in case you're not Buddhist, and a lovely stationary set made from traditional Japanese "washi" paper.

Remember J-List's sale on our lovely S&M and fetish "gouka-bon" format books. These are great "interest books" for fans of some of Japan's unique fetish categories, and our "buy 3 get 1 free" sale ends Sept 1.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 24, 2000

Greetings from Japan, where it's not polite to stick your chopsticks straight up in your rice.

It sure is hot in Japan this summer! In fact, it's a full 2 degrees centigrade hotter this year than in past years, something which has pushed sales of air conditioners up more than 50%. The heat has caused many would-be guests at Tokyo Disneyland to opt for the "after 6" late-night ticket and skip the hot afternoon. When it gets hot, the Japanese tend to eat spicy food to give them stamina, which has pushed sales of kimchee up as well.

Every afternoon at around 4:30, the kids walk over to J-List, and we all stop what we're doing and ask them about their day. Rina, it seems, has finally gotten over her fear of the "scary Furby" (really a plush doll of Mohawk, from Gremlins 2 which we had sitting in the hall) and can use the J-List bathroom all by herself. In sadder news, the official J-List Cat, who Kaori nicknamed Nyan-ko Sensei (Dr. Meow), has unfortunately given birth to stillborn kittens. The father, a sandy white cat who comes to visit every once in a while

Our Wacky Japanese T-shirts are selling well, and it's always fun to see which will be the most popular. We weren't surprised to see the "Japanese flag" version of "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend" take the #1 spot right away, but "Hen na gaijin" (I'm a strange foreigner) pulled quickly into the #2 position, especially with American customers, who seem to like the red, white and blue motif. The enigmatic "Philosophy of Hentai" remains firmly in place at #3.

For tonight's update, we've all been working hard to bring you some cool new items. They include:

  • New magazines, including not one, but two different issues of MPEG King, a magazine + two video CD combo item that give you 140+ minutes of AV enjoyment for a low price
  • We have several nice photobook items, including a really excellent First Photobook by the lovely Morishita Kurumi, and more copies of Vivian Hsu's soon-to-go-out-of-print "Venus"
  • For Japan AV video fans, we've got some truly excellent new videos in stock, including hot, new idols like the busty nurse Fukada Miho and the sizzling Yumeno Maria (on the New Offerings page) as well as fresh stock of dynamite videos by Miura Aika and Kanazawa Bunko (on the "Classics" videos page)
  • we've got another dozen of "special order" video offerings on the Video Catalog (New Releases) page. There are great new Reserve you copies now!
  • If you love DVDs, we've got some killer ones for you: Sexy Lingerie Fuck Collection and Nurse Fuck Collection, each featuring *dozens* of lovely AV idols from present and past for your enjoyment -- find these
  • There's a new series of the popular Crystal Video nude AV idol cards, on the photobook and magazine pages -- -very nice
  • There's a cache of new artbooks and photobooks on the Anime Artbooks page, including the new Final Fantasy IX book, the Gundam Manual 3, and a super magazine for 1/700 scale model fans
  • We have fresh stock of some items that have proven surprisingly popular, including various reflective stickers with funny slogans, the "Do not urinate here" wooden signs, and one of the most popular items, Hello Kitty chopsticks
  • For your kids, or the kid in you, in-stock issues of Yochien, a great magazine for kids which features tons of pictures of current anime and special effect shows, as well as giving you tons of stickers and put-together toys in each issue -- recommend for Rika-chan and Pokemon fans
  • For lovers of fine Japanese snacks, we have fresh stock of Pocky, Coconut Pocky, Tomato Pretz, our popular sake candy (with real sake inside!) and more
  • Finally, a great item I've wanted to see in the US for many years, little plug extenders that keep those big, fat AC adapters you sometimes get from taking up too much space on your power bar. Find them on the Trendy Goods page.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 22, 2000

Hello again from Japan, your personal friend in Japan!

The Japanese have some interesting superstitions about names, and generally labor over the choice of a name for a baby quite a lot, even seeking the advice of Shinto priests as they try to choose a name that will bring happiness to the family. Chinese characters are always written with an exact number of strokes, and one form of prediction is concerned with the number of strokes in the first name and last name combined -- some combinations will bring happiness, others bad luck. Also, some kanji combinations carry bad connotations. Our son Kazuki (peace + tree) was originally going to be named Kazuma (peace + horse), but the Shinto priest steered us away from using the character for horse because it would bring bad luck.

We went to Germany! Well, sort of. In rural Japan, there's a recreation of a German village, called Kronenberg, or more familiarly, Doitsu-mura (German Village), here. A kind of theme park, it's a place where you can see recreations of German architecture, drink German beer, eat sausage

For tonight's update, we have some really cool products for you, including:

  • For Japanese magazine fans, the new Dela Beppin, which features some of the most lovely Japanese gals around (we especially loved Morishita Kurumi dressed as an erotic Indian Princess)
  • We have more of our popular "one shot" backissues of Japanese magazines from 1995-1997, including some great new copies of The Best
  • For fans of photobooks, both volumes of Miyazawa Masaki's excellent "Nude" hardcover photobooks, which feature dozens of lovely hard-to-find AV idols shot by the extremely talented photographer
  • Also quite cool, the Best Video Special Ranking Gourmet 2000, and Love Dream, a wonderful "photographic of 18 girls' hair nude" (including Miura Aika and more), as well as several new leg fetish books
  • We have some very cool hentai art books, including the Perfect Collection Series for Kakyusei, Hiyoko Voice, and how to draw cute girls in uniforms (see the hentai art books pages)
  • We have some excellent dojinshi on the dojinshi page, with 30+ new items, including many brand new dojinshi from the past Comic Market
  • Also from the Comic Market, we have new dojin-soft (with some very nice adult CG collections) and cool yaoi books, too -- yes, we have Gundam Wing
  • There are several brand new manga volumes on the Manga (new releases) page, including some really cool new works -- also, more copies of the popular all-color Climax Collection
  • On the Videos (discount) page, overstocked items for you by Ariga Ryo and Kawashima Azumi and more
  • Finally, some great new videos SOD -- Get Panty and Peroman, two offerings which explore the immorality of Japanese young women in Shibuya.

Remember that J-List carries wacky snack and gum items from Japan, which aren't available overseas. In addition to Pocky and other pretzle-stick-type snacks, we have the full line of Lotte's delicious gum, including the best-selling gum at J-List, the spicy, caffeine-enriched Black Black. We also carry really cool toy & snack combination items, which are only available in convenience stores here in Japan, including the very cool "Hyper Gundam" series (which my own son loves) -- available in perfect sets.

Well, that's all for now -- until next time, thanks for being a part of J-List!